Menstrual cycle stopping & inactive thyroid gland.

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mnmcf Posts: 89
Hi Girls I am not pregnant but have not had a menstrual cycle since may , the doctor said dont worry about it that sometimes people stop having it. Now I do have an inactive thyroid gland and do take medication for it and before I was diagnosed my menstrual cycle stopped for two months but once I went on the medication it came back. I am still trying to lose the weight which I gained when my thyroid stopped working I gained 9 pounds in about four weeks, I recently joined weight watchers and i stick to my 19 points a day and still cant shift the nine pounds. I have lost one pound in four weeks. So just wondering has anyone got a similar problem and any ideas how will I shift the weight it is really getting me down now as I was always 9 1/2 stone give or take a pound or two. Any advise would be great .
Das Kitty Posts: 452
My nephew was born without a Thyroid gland and is on medication for the rest of his life. It can take a few goes to get the right level of hormone for you right. He was put on too little for a couple of years early on and his growth was stunted a little. I would suggest going back to your doctor as it seems you're not getting enough hormone from your meds because your period is gone awol again and you can't shift the weight. I know you're trying to lose weight but this can also effect how the hormone in the meds will affect you so I would suggest not to diet or cut back without your doctor's express permission as you could be doing yourself more harm than good. Hope you can resolve this.