"Mermaid"-ish style dress - has anyone seen this s

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Lola_brigida Posts: 2
Hi ladies, due to my particular bodily "constraints" (i.e. petite :-( ) I think that the only style that would make me look ok would be something like a mermaid style, but with the tail starting under the knee - i.e. the dress needs to be tight at least to the knee if not further... However this is only a picture I have in my head - I haven't been able to find any actual dress like that in real life / net.. Have any of you seen anything like that ever? or do you think I could get a normal mermaid dress and get it altered? would that work? Thanks very much!
martsey Posts: 144
I'm wearing one like that. It's a linea rafelli. Think thats how you spell it anyway. Check out their web site.
Lola_brigida Posts: 2
thanks a million casey! :wv are you wearing one of the halterneck ones? are you having any problems walking in it? (that's what everyone I told about this keeps telling me.. :o0 )