Met our priest today phew!!

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monkeybear Posts: 1926
I was getting really nervous about meeting our priest, but he called up to the house today and he was lovely, very relaxed about it all and very helpful. he gave us a loan of a book with readings and a format to use as a guide on the mass booklet. Im delighted he's doing our its not in our parish so was a bit of stress to find a priest in the first place. all i can say is Phew!!! was one thing ive been feeling anxious over and am delighted now, he's gonna make the most important part of the day really great for us :o)ll :o)ll
mini mama Posts: 834
That is great are u thrilled? our priest is ill and has to keep putting it off....i get a pain in my tummy everytime i think about it as i am getting married out of my parish and then the priest is from a different parish again...did he go though any awkward questions?you can relax now hun as thats out of the way :o)ll
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
I was so worried too! but he was lovely. Thought we would be quized on lots of religious stuff & i couldnt remenber the 7th commandment! but it was fine.