Metabolism advice?

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gemini chica Posts: 2581
I have posted this over in TTC as that's where I'm at now, but I thought you guys might have some advice for me... I have been checked for Thyroid problems but there is nothing wrong, all my blood tests came back fine, but I am constantly exhauted and despite a healthy diet and plenty of fitness classes and the gym I can't shift any weight (need to lose about 1.5 stone). Does anyone know of anything that can be taken to try boost the metabolism? I have tried so many things over the years I am out of ideas , medically there is nothing wrong so I am at a complete loss!! Any advice would be appreciated *)
neeov Posts: 4256
How good is your thyroid? It might be worth taking some iodine supplements?
dietcare Posts: 19
Hello Gemini Chica I am Eileen and my business partner, Sarah, & I have a business called Dietcare, which has been operating in the UK from 1976. (We are new suppliers so our logo etc is not showing correctly just yet) Everyone’s metabolism can be different, you know the way some people can eat everything and not gain weight, while you look at food and the pounds pile on? That’s why diets where everyone is on the same diet don’t always work. On the Dietcare plan we aim to raise your metabolic rate and devise a diet specifically for you and it is changed regularly. We support you throughout with phone calls and emails – your own personal diet coach. The Dietcare plan is based on healthy eating – real food with no supplements, gimmicks, tablets or shakes. It was included in the British Medicine Guide in 1978. Look at our website – We offer 1-2-1 clinics as well as online and by post. Please do not hesitate to email or ring for more information or guidance - I can complete a free metabolic rate questionnaire with you, no obligation :) 0044 7974935303 or [email protected] Eileen