methods for burping/winding baby

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babybuttons Posts: 886
just wondering does anyone have any other ways to burp baby bar the usual sit up and rub her back.
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
Hi Hopeforbaby, When i had dd the nurse showed me this way , hope i can explain it properly, you sit the baby on your knee and supporting the babys head and neck with both your hands move the baby around in a circle from the waist up not fast just slow movements. Also my mil showed me a few ways one of them was to put the baby over your knee kinda like you were going to smack its bum (obviously your not) and rub babies back i found this really good and also lift baby under the arms and put above your head its basically for the movement to get the wind out although you can end up with puke on your face :o0 The last one is to massage babies tummy a bit. I used infacol for the first few weeks and found it really helped getting the wind up and also stopped to wind the baby halfway through the bottle so there wouldnt be as much wind all at once to get up.
Delish Posts: 4176
I hold my ds2 up against my hip or chest, he is facing out and his bum usually resting on my hip. I hold his body upright. He stays calm as he is looking around and the burps come up as I am holding him upright.
mamabelle Posts: 1101
I was advised to rub from halfway up the back upwards and slightly towards the left hand side. I think I must have been rubbing down the small of her back but apparently top of baby's tummy is close to bottom of their shoulder blades...
nappysack Posts: 30
another effective method is to lie babs on his back on your lap (so his head is resting on your knees) and make "cycling" movements with his legs so you're sort of pushing his legs up and down towards his chest. A few mins doing this followed by standing her up straight almost always delivered a burp for my DD!
lisa Posts: 1612
My ds is a nightmare to get wind up even with infacol! one trick that does help is rocking him slowly from side to side. I do this either with him facing me or with him sitting as if i was rubbing his back as normal and rocking side ways. I lean him right over until he is practically horizontal! Lying him on his back for a while and then sitting him up and rubbing or patting his back is good too. If all else fails i leave him laying on his gym mat with nappy off to kick his legs about. I'm hoping someone will invent a machine for winding asap!!
alton Posts: 3077
I used all of those methods that the other posters have described and one more - which was holding baby up against my chest, and gently moving his legs up and down. I used to finish up a winding with this position because I could feel how much tension was in the baby's body, and when he went all floppy I knew the job was done. For me, there was never a particular technique that worked best all the time. I just sort of got to know by feel what would work best this time.
Mammy rigomad Posts: 958
I used to pat and rub DD back and then my Mam used to just hold her back really straight and this would help her get up her wind quicker!No patting or rubbing,just keeping the back straight!Thats the way she was shown how to do it when she had us!!
arsenal09 Posts: 286
Hey The PHN showed me the rocking from side to side one and it worked everytime for my LO. Best of luck
Tadpole Posts: 346
I found sitting DD on my lap, with her back to my chest, and her legs over my thighs, then gently rock her back and forward (while holding her chin so her head wouldn't flop). Also, when LO is big enough to sit in a bumbo, I found she normally got a burp up within a few seconds of going into it, because it sits her up so straight.