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ro0809 Posts: 72
Has anyone had/heard (or is going to have) Michael Connolly and Aoife Duffy for church music? Looking for some feedback etc. Thanks! :thnk
mrswildrogue Posts: 1739
I got his sample cd off him - I liked some of the songs but when I played it for H2B he wasn't impressed at all so not having him.
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Hi, we booked Michael and Aoife for our wedding. I wanted to have mixture of male and female voice with accompaniment. I'm delighted with the style and sound but then again music is a very personal choice and what I like another may not. We've decided on the music we want and are just going to check with the priest now. I presume you've listened to cd or the website? If you like the sound of it go for it. I've had no problems with contacting Michael and always get quick response. HTH
ro0809 Posts: 72
Thanks girls, yeah I got the cd, loved The Prayer and Songbird. Wasn't too keen on the hymns on the cd, thought they sounded very depressing! But I'm sure they have many more songs than what is on the cd. Will look into it abit further I think.
Toblerone Posts: 2698
You should look at the website and they give a long list of potential songs. [url:sft6n2me]http://www.mcmusic.ie/index.asp?secID=6&part=0[/url:sft6n2me] Good luck :wv
kt08 Posts: 28
Hi, have also booked Michael & Aoife for our wedding. Heard him at my cousins wedding last year and booked him based on that. BTW the list of songs he has on his website are not the only ones they can do - it wasn't until we were talking to him that we realised this. So if you have a particular song you want and its not on his list don't worry as he may be able to do it anyway, HTH :wv
ro0809 Posts: 72
Thanks! He is very nice to deal with, very quick to get back to us etc. I hope to decide soon, get one more thing ticked of the list! :thnk
MrsS-at-last Posts: 182
We're having him and Aoife...... Think they are fab!!!!