Michael Foley, Holles St

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mrsatlast Posts: 71
Hi All, Just wondering if anyone went to Michael Foley in Holles St? & if so, how much did he charge & what did you think of him? Also, at what stage did you book in? Thanks
Mamaria Posts: 224
Hi, I'm attending him semi-private in Holles St. Had heard him referred to as '5 minute Foley', and to be honest I think that's giving him some credit - more like 15 second Foley. He's very much in and out (as in he has two waiting rooms, and people are expected to be moving into one of them once it's free, so he just keeps changing rooms... feels like a bit of a revolving door). Anyway, that's just my experience so far (and have only seen him once - the first time we went he had left before my appointment time!). I prefer the thoughts of going to my GP and am glad I'm not going to him all the time. But next time I plan on trying to get him to stay in the room for a few minutes so I can actually ask a question or two! Maybe others have had a better experience with him (or maybe I'm expecting too much - as in : there's nothing wrong with me or baby thankfully, so he's just in and out) As for fees, the semi-private fee is about €250 and you also pay for your first two scans (€100 each), so it's not all that expensive.
Mamaria Posts: 224
Sorry, meant to add - I booked pretty much as soon as BFP was confirmed by my own doc.
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
hi there, 2 of my friends went to him and raved about how good he was.Mid wives from H.st attend him which must be a good sign!
mrsatlast Posts: 71
thanks girls, I've gone ahead & made an appointment with him, so fingers crossed... It's gas, now that I've done that & the fact that I have barely any symptoms I keep thinking they are going to tell me I'm not pregnant... The things that run through your head!