Microwave Steriliser ?

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Chukles Posts: 672
Hi Girls I purchased a microwave steriliser at the weekend but i have been told since by two different people that they would not fancy using the microwave version as it is meant to be dangerous to put plastic in a microwave? Does anyone know if this is true? I still have my receipt so i can exchange it if needs be *)
Barbara Ann Posts: 1032
Hi Chuckles I bought a microwave steriliser. Both my freind and sister in law used them and found them safer especially if you have other young kids who might pull the ordinary steriliser down on top of them when it has hot water in it. It's entirely up to you. :wv
kittysue Posts: 1016
I too bought the microwavable steriliser......Sure it must be safe.... There are different types of plastic that you can put into the microwave. I know you'd think it would melt....... but I'm sure all safety measures have been taken into consideration.
breeze Posts: 1175
There are types of plastic you cant put in the microwave alright. It wouldnt be on the market if it was unsafe. I have one and find it great still use it and DS is 13 months
ali08 Posts: 121
i bought a Dr Browns microwave sterliser and had no problem what so ever with it pop it in for 6 mins and thats it,its completly safe
Duncelt Posts: 460
Some people are funny about microwaves but I don't think they'd be on the market for sale if there was anything to suspect that they were unsafe to use.
hipbaby Posts: 4530
I have the tomee tipee microwave one had the normal avent for DD1 but hard water limescale destroyed it. I think it is safe but why people are concerned is that plastic does have a life cycle and repeated heating does break down the molecules of the plastic (I have tech background!) however the temperatures reached in the microwave wouldn't give rise to concern. So no I wouldn't worry about a microwave steriliser. That said there is a big drive to get BPA free bottles over here I don't enough on it to comment but it was always a concern of mine to heat Avent/ Dr Browns bottles in the microwave, even washing them in the dishwasher. So got over it by giving them room temperature formula and if it was very cold heating milk in a glass in the microwave.. Hope I haven't confused you more but basically sterilisers wouldn't worry me at all! www.hipbaby.ie