Microwave sterilisers - any good?

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LauraS Posts: 192
Am hoping to BF but in case it doesn't work, want to have steriliser handy. Don't have much counter space in the kitchen so was thinking of getting a microwave steriliser and just storing it in the mw when not in use. Anyone used these? - Are they any good or are the electric ones more effective?? Love to hear your feedback - tx, L x x x
Martiespride Posts: 997
my sister uses a steam steriliser and says its fantastic because you dont use milton. the thing with milton is that when you take the bottles out of steriliser you almost feel like rincing them under tap becase of the milton. with the steam steriliser its done in 8 mins and you dont use any milton . i got the same one as hers in tesco its lindham brand and was E30 but got it for E2o last week. i was in tesco yesterday and its now down to E14!!!
ali08 Posts: 121
i use a Dr Browns microwave sterliser and i think its fab you just add water and it goes in for 6mins and thats it i think it costs around 24euro which isnt bad.
dreamer Posts: 3941
I am using the Avent microwave steriliser and its great - fits 6 bottles and takes 6 minutes. Like you don't have alot of counter space and we keep it in the microwave. Would recommend it. My SIL has a Tommy Tippee one but I think it only does 4 bottles ( I am open to correction here!)