Midwives Led Unit in HS- Explain

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fizzy bubbles Posts: 339
Hi girls, Got my bfp yesterday and going to attend Holles Street again. Went sp last time and was going to public this time. I have heard people mention the midwives led unit (I think that is what I have heard) What is this please ??
Daff Posts: 11644
I'm doing this, it's brilliant! Also went SP in HS last time. Basically you sign up as public and attend your first appointment in the public area in HS. When there you tell them that you want to do MLU and if the consultant thinks it's ok - ie. low risk, standard pregnancy and delivery last time - then you ring the MLU to book your antenatal appointments from then on. I'm doing it with combined care so bascially when you would have gone to the consultant you go to MLU instead. There is a cathement area you need to be in - check it outline but don't worry if you're not in it. i was told I was out of it but there is a MLU in the hospital I could still attend. Turned out after all that I was still able to go to the satelite one near me but they wouldn't do my after care. I'm still in area for early home transger so luckily will still get a midwife out to me just not one probably that I've met before. Anyway, I had my first appointment about three weeks ago in the satelite clinic. It was brilliant. Was there about 20 mins and it was all so relaxed and she really took an interest in everything. DD was with me and there was a play area for her. Then when she saw me lie on table she wanted me so the midwife lifted her up and she sat on my tighs while they felt my tummy - DD was allowed too. Then she got out the doppler and DD was allowed hold it while they found the heartbeat - so cute and brilliant having her involved like that even though she's not got a clue what's happening. So far I've had nothing but great experiences with it :o)ll
fizzy bubbles Posts: 339
Thanks for that, sounds like something I would like to do. Do you know the cathcment area? I have looked online but can't find anything?