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im waiting Posts: 2727
As I said I might be over reacting so please don't think I'm a dram queen I went for a hospital check up last week at 23 weeks, I hadn't been to the hospital since I was 11 weeks gone, I got a scan at that stage, but since it was a very early stage in my pregnancy I requested a scan again just to make sure all was ok, even though my baby is quite active I just needed to know all was where it's meant to be. So anyway, I was eventually called by the doc. This is where I have the problem- Doc: you had c-section with your dd? Me: yes Doc: and you'd like a normal birth this time? Me: yes Doc: ok! (check up over) Me: could I have a scan? Doc: ok, hop up on bed He literally showed me head, spine and heartbeat. he must have thought I didn't believe the baby was their or that it was dead or something which isn't the case because it's quite an active baby. He didn't feel my stomach in any way to check it dates were correct, enough fluid. I thought the check up would be alot more detailed than it was at this stage in pregnancy. My next appt there is at 30 weeks I'm wondering how detailed your scans were around this stage in your pregnancies? I could be over reacting Oh yeh, I rang the hospital this morning to see if they did the anomaly scans, midwife hadn't a clue what it was until I told her what it was, but she didn't answer my question she just asked me have I had a scan yet, I told her I had at 11 weeks and that I requested one last week and I proceeded to tell her about how I felt about last weeks scan but all she said was " if you attended the clinic they'd check all that, okay?" got the hint she wanted to get off the phone, I answered " I am attending the clinic and nothing was checked", well if you were going to the clinic they'd normal check everything okay?! she repeated, I was going to repeat myself but I got the hint she wanted to get off the phone so I just saidwant ok and she hung up. I was quite upset when I got off the phone because I felt the midwife didn't have a clue and didn't want to know and that's where I'm going to have my baby- where people don't seem to have a clue! You see I had a bad experience with hospital I had dd in and I immediately thought to myself "it's happening again" I know I might be over reacting but at the end of the day, I'm a mother who Wants to know my babies ok, I should have come out of hospital being more reassured and not more confused than when I went in O:| O:|
Bright Flower Posts: 483
I know its hard but I wouldn't worry too much. Depending on what hospital you go to many people only get one scan throughout their pregnancy. This can be at 11-12 weeks and not again. Or in some cases there is an anomoly scan at 20 weeks (eg Holles St does this), which is more detailed, but not all hospitals do this unfortunately.
keyra Posts: 801
Hi Imwaiting, I went for my 20 week scan last week and god it was such a disappointment too. After waiting for almost 2 hours, we were called into a cubicle where nurse checked blood pressure and listened to heartbeat with handheld monitor and siad for me to come back at 28 weeks. I said "am i not getting a 20 weeks scan" She said "no, we dont do them here" Then she looked at my chart and said "oh we have no record of where your placenta is so we can get you a quick scan" The doc did exactly same as your doc did, showed me the placenta, head and heartbeat and it was over in about 60 seconds. I was too surprised to say anything and it was only when i was on the way home in the car that i started to get angry about it. All i want to know is that my baby is ok and all its bits and pieces are the right size and in the right place. I understand your frustration and anger, the hospital does 3D scans too and my DH reckons that we dont get 20 week scans to encourage us to get the 3D scan done instead which obviously isn't free :eek
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
I'm Waiting - I could have written this exact post after my 20 week check up. However I called my GP who was alot more helpful than your midwife but at the end of the day pretty much gave me the same answer. Basicly we live in a country that does not do anomoly scans as standard. So unless you are in a high risk category or something is obviously wrong you will only get one 'proper' scan. The docs scan is not as detailed however they would be able to tell if there was anything seriously wrong (like shortage of amniotic fluid for example). You have to remember the docs and midwives see 100s of pregnant women every day and the vast majority of these have normal healthy pregnancies. I was a bit fed up over it after my last appointment but at the end of the day felt that I should be just delighted that everything is normal and the health professionals are obviously happy so therefore I should relax and enjoy my pregnancy.
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
HI Are you having bub in Ireland? just though it was standard practice to have a full anomily scan at 20-22 in most of the mat hospitals (feel free to correct me if I am wrong!!) Also at 23 weeks my consultant didn't feel my tummy much but he did listen to the heartbeat! will see him at 15 weeks and then at 24 weeks on this one. I'd check with other mum's in your area and see what their experience was
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
MRS BAMBI - Anomoly Scans are NOT standard practice in Ireland, definitely not in public system, not certain about private. But even after asking my GP for one I was refused.
i want one Posts: 2893
hi im waiting, its hard not to be frustrated with the system. im sure everything will go well for you and if there was anything obvious the doctor would have picked it up. please try not to worry about having another bad experience and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. i had scan in the hospital im attending at 13+ weeks and have not had another visit to the hospital since. have my 30 week appointment this week. the scan at 13 weeks basically just confirmed date, doctor said the amniotic fluid looked fine showed us the heartbeat and the spine and that was it. i have attended my doctor every 4 weeks since for check ups, and have not once had my tummy felt. i always thought that was just to check the position of the baby but could be wrong. even the small bit of a scan you got is better than what some people are getting in this country, and it will tell your doctor alot about how the pregnancy is progressing so please try not to worry you are right tho you should have come out of the hospital feeling reassured, and unfortunately the midwife you were on to didnt help the situation. maybe if you give your gp a ring they might be able to reassure you. or maybe the delivery ward at the hospital you are attending and hopefully you dont get the same midwife on the phone again. Take care. :xox
i carried a watermelon Posts: 140
Hi, Im Waiting :wv What Hospital are you attending???? Im attending Holles Street and I had an anolomy scan done around 23 weeks. I had to pay €120 for the scan but im SP - (I think its free for public) I cant believe that some hospitals dont do them :o( . At our anolomy scan - the sonographer checked the heart, head size, leg size etc, Facial Bones, Kidneys, Placenta Position and amniotic fluid and a few other things. As far as Im aware the consultants only use the little scan machines to make sure the baby is ok and that heart is beating etc. The only thing you could do is book a private anolomy scan if the hospital wont do one.
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
[quote="pigeonwife":1yuvsnqg]MRS BAMBI - Anomoly Scans are NOT standard practice in Ireland, definitely not in public system, not certain about private. But even after asking my GP for one I was refused.[/quote:1yuvsnqg] Thank you for the clarification but no need to shout at me As far as I know in HS anyway public patients get an anomoly scan also I am sp have to pay for the scan seperately but it is done. I'm not sure if you need a letter to get one done ...I didn't but would do no harm to ask them
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
shouting???? I'm only telling you my experience. I asked if I could have one and was told no straight out - was not even given the option of paying for one. I am at CUMH.