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Hobnob09 Posts: 128
I feel like there is one person kneeling on the top and the back of my head and another swishing my stomach around with a big wooden spoon. Im off to the sofa to feel sorry for myself. Lets hope the Migraleve works. :o(
ladygrace Posts: 264
migraleve?!?! I must try this!!! wow
mrsb09 Posts: 1292
i had one of these yesterday, i always take migraleve, but i have take 2 pink just at the start of it or else i will get a full blown one and its just dreadful i get sick and everything. hope you got in the nick of time...
Tree Posts: 87
Just read this now, hope you've recovered *) I suffer from migraines too and you described so well how they feel. Does migraleve work? I only ever took salpodeine, and I have to take it when I have the shimmery thing in my eye (doctors call it aura or something) - the kind of warning of the migraine. If I dont take it then and take it when the headache develops I just end up getting sick. Went to dietician when I was 16 to find out what food I was intolerant too so it definitely helps when I stay away from those foods. The usual culprits really: chocolate, cheese, caffeine, but also corn and trout!!! Anyways sorry for the ramble but just wanted to ask about migraleve and also to give the advice of finding out what foods you are intolerant to as this can help. :wv
Hobnob09 Posts: 128
Well, Im off work today, so the migraleve did not work unfortunately. I had the pink tabs as I felt sick too. But they worked for about an hour and then I felt awful again. And ur not allowed take more than 2 tabs in 24 hrs, total rip off i think, they just want you to go out and buy the yellow ones after. Im beginning to come round now. I get migraines about once a year and they usually last for about 3 days, so annoying. Dunno what triggers them. Im on anadin now O:|
Sharon2010! Posts: 64
Migralive never worked for me but there is a new nasal spray you could get a presciption for called imigran nasal spray its dear thou 30 odd for two nasal sprays - one dose in each Its new on the market and meant to be good for some sufferers They never worked for me thou so all i take is two solphedine with motilium and usually they do nothing so another two 3 hours later and maybe last two 4 hours later that usually takes it away Serious lack of sleep after my baby was born and probably hormones meant I was getting lots of them
Hen2B Posts: 450
Did anyone try Syndol for the migrains. I find them good, but you get very tired and thirsty after you take them so go to bed for a while after. They are easy on the tummy too, I'm always throwing tablets back up and I can handle these well.
bubblybride2010 Posts: 1490
girls im sitting here in work pressing my temples with one hand and typing with the other!!! i have suffered for years with migranes, i discovered a brill tablet called Excedrin- migrane- from the states, i have relations that live there and when anyone goes over i get them to get me a stash- you can buy them over the counter- they are the only thing that works for me!! i tried the migralev- i even got this disgusting spray that you stick up ure nose from the doc and it cost 40eur and u can only use it once!!! My prob is that if i dont catch the migrane in time then nothing shifts it, i went to bed last nite and felt one starting but didnt take anything and woke this morning with a full blown one, since taking these tabs its starting to ease not as nauseous. *)
mrsb09 Posts: 1292
i think the trick is to catch them while its starting otherwise its just hours of torture and have to go bed..
emeralsd Posts: 470
hi just thaugh id add my solution to easing migraines. Iv suffered with migraines al my life and have used every single medication available.I Lived in the UK for a long time and there are tablets called PARAMOL that i found really good for migraines. They are only available on prescribtion here but BOOTS in the UK sell them and they were sold in a black box. What iv been using here as recommended by local pharmacist is the FEMINEX.Yes i thaught this was strange when it was recommended for MIGRAINE but according to the pharmacist it has the strongest dosage of painrelief .I find that this really works for me, i think because it has a combination of drugs it really helps relax the migraine and u get that sleepy feeling. May not suit if ur at work or driving bu i find i really does the trick. Hoep iv helped even 1 migraine sufferer. Please try the feminex next time u feel one coming on. As the other wol said the key to a migraine is catching it just as u feel ur head begin to get painful and lie down in a dark room if at all possible. xxx