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frecklz Posts: 1839
Just thought I would bad-mouth this establishment. My mother was totally ripped off there the other day. They quoted her a certain price for a service, charged more when she went to collect her bike the next day, and on her way home the tyre deflated as they had not fixed the puncture, just pumped it up! Then when she went back again, they proceeded to charge her for the puncture that they were supposed to have already fixed! O:| O:| O:| They actually got quite aggressive with her and she ended up paying it just to end the aggro. She's not great at confrontation. But we will never be going there again. Cowboys.
Insert-Name-Here Posts: 762
That's so annoying O:| I hate when places like that take advantage of older women on their own >:o( I'm on the look out for a bike at the moment so thanks for the heads up, I'll be avoiding that place
newmammy2011 Posts: 1255
Sadly there are many places like this it is almost like these people do not have a conscience. Hope your Mam is alrite now. She did the best thing pay, get out, never to be back.
jen4 Posts: 566
I've been giving out about them since h2b and I left our bikes in to be serviced there, I'm convinced they didn't even look at mine because I'd been having a couple of minor problems which I realised were still there a few days after I picked the bike up from them. I should've gone back to complain but I'm just so damn lazy!