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dazzleandsparkle Posts: 39
Girls....and guys!! Need help and I've left it VERY late but what the heck can I give my future mil on the morning of the wedding??? I have literally been thinking for weeks but thought of nothing I really like and that she would like:( I've discounted flowers, jewellery boxes, handkerchiefs, jewellery, vouchers etc! What are you lot giving?? Like the idea of an album to give to her at a later date but would love something nice to give to her the morning of!! Ideas??
MrQ Posts: 1085
We are giving her the stereotypical bunch of flowers along with a Coffee Table Album(at Christmas when we probably get it). We are also giving her the "son she never had" i.e ME! :o0 Now, I've always had a trick of getting answers from people about what they want. Tell her you're finding it hard to think of a gift for your own mother and ask for her suggestions. Take one of her suggestions and get her that. It's a trick like getting your OH something for Christmas. Tell them you've gotten their present and invariably they always try to guess what it is. Normally there guesses are exactly what they'd like. Then you go out and buy one of their guesses. :o0 My FMIL told me the other day she was thrilled I was giving her daughter a number of gifts spread over the whole morning and her daughters happiness was all she wanted on that day. B*llsh*t, everybody wants presents. :thnk
dazzleandsparkle Posts: 39
Ooooh Mr Q I like that idea of asking my future mil about a present for my mum!! Never thought if doubt she'd be thinking of things she might like :) thanks! I will probably have to go down that route ha!
Cazflan Posts: 353
Is it normal practice to get your parents/ In laws presents?? We were considering a bouquet of flowers at the reception but even then I think that's a waste of money - but don't want to look bad if it's the norm & we don't do it!!
jemd Posts: 119
We are getting both mums a candle in lieu of flowers coz we are away for our wedding and thought every time they light them they would think of our wedding! Wasn't expensive either 20 euro for each. They will get a photo album at a later date too x
dazzleandsparkle Posts: 39
Cazflan- totally unsure if it's 'the done thing'! To be honest I couldn't care less about what is usually done! I just really want to give my mil and fil a gift the morning of the wedding for personal reasons I suppose :) so just do what's right and what works for you!
dazzleandsparkle Posts: 39
Love the idea of a candle jemd!! There's loads of gorgeous ones online :) thanks
Cazflan Posts: 353
Iv never heard anyone do it before so I think il leave the idea on the back burner! That prob sounds very mean but my MIL has zero input into our lives so I don't think it's necessary. The candle idea is lovely though, real thoughtful, maybe if things change in the upcoming months il do something like that - more food for thought !
dazzleandsparkle Posts: 39
I swear the nearer it gets to the wedding the more things I seem to have 'forgotten' about or just thought 'oh I'll sort that nearer the time' !!!! Cazflan there's definitely no need to get anyone anything just for the sake of it!! It's your wedding so you get to pick hehe :)
n.finn2 Posts: 196
I have seen some fab little gifts on etsy. There are little trinkets with 'thank you for raising the man of my dreams'. I guess it depends on what type of person she is, but I think those type of gifts are very cute. I like the idea of asking her about a present for your mum. That's good! :D