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nciara20 Posts: 110
hi guys we are thinking of naming babs this with Grace as second name just dont know which spelling to go 4?any ideas? :) yay a name we both agree on finally!!2 weeks to go..coul all change!! :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: 1.Miley Grace 2.Mylee Grace 3.Myleigh Grace p.s... Grace not definate so any suitable suggestions are welcome!! tanx guys!! :hyper: :hyper:
wideeyed Posts: 254
Congrats on deciding on a name! Really dont mean to put a dampner on anything and you've probably thought about this already but would you not be just a teensy bit worried about getting comments about Miley from Glenroe though?? I know thats been over for 20 odd years but just in case you didnt know about him...i know in my family everyone of my aunties/cousins/friends would probably ask had i named her after him...but i could be totally wrong...but just in case youre a lot younger than me and didnt know about him! The other attitude is of course go with whats right for you both and dont worry what others might say, f.eck them! Sorry, probably shouldnt have offered my opinion, you didnt ask for it! AND i' m no help for the spelling..but best of luck whatever you go with O-O
takemeout Posts: 254
Hi nciara20, I like either the 2nd or 3rd spelling of it, actually think it's a lovely name :wv
pinky winky Posts: 564
I think Myleigh is cute, I would steer clear of the spelling Miley because of Miley Cyrus, don't know why but she does my head in.