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Sunspeckle Posts: 437
Would love to get some reviews from owners of this travel system! Txs
mamime Posts: 791
Hi, I had forgotten about that model!! i really liked it when i first saw it. I'm not an owner but tested it out in the shop. However looking into it further there was too many downsides.. Have you had a chance to handle one? Things to look at that bothered me were that the seats only face forward. Also the storage space is lacking for two kids plus shopping. I also had the impression the lower seat was too reclined when in its fully upward position and could frustrate a curious baby to be lying back all the time. The seat size also seems small compared to other doubles and if you do a lot of walking and want baby comfy and covered from the weather i don't think its a good option. It is however stylish and compact and converts nicely to a single. I really like it to look at, but practically we went for the baby jogger city select. Hope that helps!