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smittenkitten Posts: 116
Anyone doing it this year? I used to do them and want to get back into it now. I'm not sure if I'll do it in Dublin or somewhere more local to me.
chilli crisps Posts: 186
was thinking about the dublin one alright, but have had back problems at the best and not sure that running is a very good plan. How did you get on before? am reasonably fit but haven't done much running, don't know that i'd have enought time to train at this stage.
smittenkitten Posts: 116
I'm fairly fit and was very sporty a few years ago so did a couple of minimarathons. I really enjoyed them, there's such a buzz. I had gotten out of sports for a couple of years but am getting back into it now, going to the gym and swimming. I don't have the stamina back that I would have had for running before so hope that setting this goal will give me the incentive to work at it.
sligo06 Posts: 513
I do it every year, although each year I say never again because of the crowds but they did have it more organised last year for people who want to run competively but are not able to get into the elite athlete section. The BUPA 10k is also on in the Phoneix Park on 09/04/06, it will be my first race since the NYC marathon in November so I am looking forward to it.
smittenkitten Posts: 116
Fair play to you Sligo06, I'm not quite in that league of fitness where I'd want to be with the elite crowd but quite like the chilled out aspect of the crowd. My h2bs a Sligo native, you from the county or town?
sligo06 Posts: 513
I just really love me running and hate being boxed in between walkers. I am from Easkey, County Sligo.
Christmas B Posts: 6191
I've decided to do the mini marathon on 5th June!! I used to be quite sporty, a long time ago, so I've decided to get my ass in shape and do the marathon!! I plan on starting back to the gym tonight, I always find an excuse for not going so fingers crossed I can get up off my bum and go!! WOOOHOOOO!!!