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We are really devastated as just found out that my aunty, Minnie, has cancer....for the 3rd time in about 10 years. Its so heart breaking. I kind of just want everyone to know what an amazing woman Minnie is. She has beaten this disease twice already and can only hope and pray she will again. She is more than just and aunt to me and has always been there for me and my family through anything life has thrown at us. And life hasn't been easy for her. Her mam died when she was just 17 (my mam was only 13) and then a couple of years later her dad died. She took care of my mam from that day on. Later when she found out she could not have children she adopted two boys, and no two children have ever been more loved in life or given so many opportunities. Minnie is the life and soul of every party and her laughter is legendery. She has more get up and go than any one I know and has travelled the world with her girlfriends, as her husband hates to travel. Her and my little sis go christmas shopping in New York every year and my sis comes back with great tales of how funny she was. She is generous and giving all the time and we all describe her as a lady. Why oh why is this disease taking all the good people. Please god let her be ok.
macsmissus Posts: 928
Couldn't read and not reply naughtydaisy. That is such a sad story and she sounds like a really brave woman. I'll say a prayer for her that she will be ok :xox
Mulberry Posts: 187
Lovely tribute to her O:o) She's sounds like a wonderful woman. Sorry to hear she's ill again.
gottabfp Posts: 5641
so sorry to hear this, il say a prayer for your aunt x
mags s Posts: 591
just wanted to say sorry your aunt is fighting this battle again. you have said such lovely things about her.....hope it all works out for you all. :lvs
Thanks girls, she will be really happy to know everyone is saying a prayer for her. I know so many people have to watch loved ones battle with this terrible disease and its so sad. She really is an angel and I feel very blessed to have her in my life :-) X
We are really scared now as my lovely aunt went for what we all thought would hopefully be her "all clear" a couple of weeks ago but was told, whilst the chemo shrunk the cancer, it is still there. Very worrying this time as this has not happened before. She now has to go through a more intense chemo - every day for the first three weeks and then once a week for the rest of the three months. Please let her be ok. I cannot imagine what we would do without her.
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
My thoughts are with your auntie and family at this time. I hope she can beat this again. I'm sure she'll fight it with dignity. She sounds like a truly beautiful person, inside and out.
Thanks MrsDodders. Finding it really hard to even think about her at the moment without being in floods of tears. Not good when I have to be in work in a couple of hours. :o(
ott Posts: 3920
God NAUGHTYDAISY, I hope you're ok. I'll be thinking of your aunt, praying she pulls through again.