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toolatetothink Posts: 224
Hi all, I know this is a very sensitive subject and I really hope that people don't mind me posting it. Please tell me if you do. As I'm in my first trimester, the main concern is getting safely to 12 weeks, as I'm sure you can imagine. Every week feels like an accomplishment but I just wanted to see if there was any trends among those of you that have suffered a loss of a pregnancy and wanted to check the common timeframes. Personally, I feel a lot happen very early and maybe I'm looking for reassurance but I thought it would be of interest to a lot of people. Apologies if something like this has already been done but I couldn't find any record of it. Please let me know if I have missed a poll option.
Mrs Magoo Posts: 475
Hi Toolateto think You pointed out yourself that this is a very sensitive subject. I don't think it is healthy to be dwelling on these statistics. Having suffered a m/c before I am trying to think positive and enjoy my time being pregnant. This in only my opinion and you may not agree with this but if you think negative thoughts about m/c you will only bring unnecessary stress on to yourself and the baby. If you experience any signs of m/c then contact your doctor immediately but if you are feeling well then relax and enjoy this special time.
January Baby Posts: 1427
I also agree with Mrs Magoo. As someone who also miscarried (@10 weeks, had a missed miscarraige)I know there is absolutely nothing you can/cant do to prevent a m/c happening. It is extremely common 1-4 pregnancies end in a m/c and there are diefferent types of m/c & unfortunetly you will never know why or how it happened. My consultant told me that A m/c is decided at the start of your pregnancy but the chances of it happening when a heartbeat is present is low. Please dont be dwelling on this as you are going to cause yourself stress & worry. Just enjoy your pregnancy & if you suffer from a bleed or strong pains contact your epu & gp but remember aswell that alot of women suffer with bleeding & go on to have perfectly healthy pregnancies & babies. I'm ttc again at the moment & I do think because of my previous pregnancy ending in m/c that I'll be twice as worried as before, all the innocence of pregnancy is gone for me & I will be expecting the worst but as I said if it's going to happen it will happen & I'll really have to try & be positive for the sake of my next pregnancy. Best of luck with your pregnancy & enjoy it!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Had missed m/c at 16 weeks :o( BUT doctor said this was very late - mostly they do happen early on before 12 weeks. Honestly there is no point in worrying about this - doctors told me it is almost always just determined at the point of conception so there is v. little you can do about it. Don't dwell on it if you can help it. They are horrible enough to go through - I would try to push the subject out of your mind as you don't need to think about it unless it happens to you.
the moms Posts: 1427
I had a missed miscarriage at 20 weeks. We found at at the 20 week scan, but like Sphynx says, this is rare and most happen before 12 weeks. Like the others, I don't think you should be dwelling on this. It's not healthy and you'll drive yourself crazy if you focus on all the things that might go wrong. You're better off trying to think positively and enjoy your pregnancy. It's a very special time.
toolatetothink Posts: 224
Thanks for the wise words ladies, you are all very right in what you say. :thnk