Miscarriage and Hair Loss

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Jacqueline Hyde Posts: 1145
Does anyone know if there's a link between miscarriage and hairloss in the same way that some women suffer hairloss after giving birth? It was an early misc (7 weeks, discovered at 11) so i kinda doubt it, but wondering if anyone had experienced this?
Mrs W Posts: 2923
There could be alright, I remember a friend of mine saying that she used to lose a lot of hair when washing and blow drying etc and as soon as she was pregnant it all stopped, once she had the baby, the whole 9 months worth fell out! It could be the stress either though :action32
Jacqueline Hyde Posts: 1145
I wondered at the stress too. But i've been under much worse stress before and never had this back then. Maybe my hair's been falling out over a long period of time and i'm only noticing it now... I dunno. But i do know i don't want to be a baldy :-8
Mrs W Posts: 2923
There is skin, hair and nails supplements that you get in chemists and health food shops. A friend of mine works in a chemist and she said its just vitamin E so buy that supplement cheaper!
kaifer Posts: 236
It could maybe be a symptom of an over or underactive thyroid, both of which can cause MC. I remeber asking my doctor about hair loss but he just said that it was due to my pregnancy with DS1. I then had 2 early MCs between DS1 & 2 which they later found to be most likely due to an underactive thyriod. I was put on meds for my next pregnancy and carried to term with DS2. It might be something to maybe ask your GP to check?
Jacqueline Hyde Posts: 1145
Mrs W i had some of the hair, nail and skin pills left over from before the wedding and i started taking them a few days ago. When i run out of those i'll keep going with the vitamin E. Kaifer, congrats on your pregnancy. Hope you've a happy and healthy 8 months. Next time i'm with my doc i'll ask about the thyroid thing. And in the meantime i'll probably ask doctor google :innocent: