Miscarriage Bleeding?

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markel Posts: 216
Hi girls, Posting here as there's more traffic here than on Lost Angels thread. Just wondering how long is normal to bleed after a d&c? It's been a week and bleeding hasn't stopped. It's not really heavy or anything but still coming. Normal?
classygal Posts: 436
not sure markel didnt have a d and c but i would guess it is normal as long as not excessive or losing big clots. how are you?
CherylC Posts: 1071
Sorry for your loss. Hope you're ok. I was told its usually about 7-10 days. I bled on and off for 3-4 weeks afterwards. I went back to doc to ask and he said 1-2 weeks is perfectly normal but it can be longer. I was told if it is very heavy or has a strong smell to get it checked just in case. Hopefully it'll stop soon for you.
Smallwoman Posts: 132
Hey markel, I'm still thinking of you and your bean xx sorry no advice,
sunny1 Posts: 995
So sorry about your little baby :o( For me the bleeding lasted about 2 and half weeks but not heavy. My sis was bleeding for 4 weeks and all was fine with her too so it varies. Hope you're doing ok x
markel Posts: 216
Thanks for replies girls, I figured it was normal enough but just double checkin