Miscarriage - No AF - Pregnant - Test???? - ANOTHER UPDATE!!

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Mmmm Lisa ! Posts: 6
[color=orange:1tciqsmx][size=150:1tciqsmx]Well I'm back again (18th Sept '09) Still no sign of AF so did a test this morning and 'Pregnant 1-2 weeks'. Thanks again for all you kind words. I'm very nervous as its so early and I really hope all goes OK. :lvs[/size:1tciqsmx][/color:1tciqsmx] [color=indigo:1tciqsmx]Hi Again, Well I did a HPT this morning (10th Sept?) and it was negative, not that surprised really as thought the chances would've been very slim. Just waiting for AF to return now, if it hasn't appeared by Monday I will head to doc, just think they will tell me to stick it out though. Anyway thanks again for all your advice and best of luck with your pregnancies.[/color:1tciqsmx] :wv Hi All, I regularly log on and lurk but I just wanted to get some feedback/advice from you guys. I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks on the 12th of July this year and bleeding finished on 19th July, I didn’t have D and C. So basically since then I have been waiting for AF, its now full 8 weeks since first day of miss and absolutely no sign of AF. Anyway to get to the point, I now feel like I am having some similar symptoms as I had when I was pregnant – what I have noticed since yesterday is mouth watering and feeling like I am going to be sick but not getting sick + the same bloating, no sore boobs though which I had the last time. The chances of me being pg are really unlikely as we only BD three times in the last 7 weeks as we were waiting for first AF. What I really want to know is do you think I should do a test, the reason I think I would do one is so I would not be too disappointed when/if AF arrives or do you think I would be just wasting my time and money? Sorry so long but any advice/feedback or if any of you found yourself in a similar situation would be much appreciated. Thanks !!!. :thnk
Nadie Posts: 1111
hey there, So sorry to hear about your m/c, it must be so confusing now not knowing if AF is coming or going! I would test, sure with symptoms and all, test is only €10 and you will go mental not knowing. Then when you know, you can move on, either asking the GP where the hell did AF go or starting taking care of yourself and "acting pregnant" as they say - if you are pregnant you'll want to get yourself off the drink and that. Actually that's when I got my BFP, I was checking one Friday morning, didn't feel pregnant, but wanted to make sure I could drink that weekend and there it was! Anyhoo, bit of a ramble there, sorry, wishing you all the best and lots of babydust.
Elegance Posts: 2848
hi there. first of all, so sorry to hear about your mc. I also had a missed mc at 9 weeks this Feb and found myself in a similar situation to you. My af hadn't returned after 6 weeks... and I did a pg test and it was positive. I felt I had all the early symptoms of pg again. For me however, I'm sorry to tell you, it was the left over hormone in my system that was making me feel pg and also causing tests to be positive. I had to wait nearly 10 weeks for my AF to return... felt like an eternity. But the good news is - see my ticker, I'm now nearly 15 weeks pg. So I didn't have to wait terribly long to get my bfp again. I think the first thing is - 1. Have you had a negative result on a hpt since your mc, so that you know your homones had returned to normal? If not you won't know if the hpt is a true positive or not. 2. If you haven't taken a hpt after your mc, to confirm your hormones back to normal, then the only true way you can find out is to go to gp and have your bloods done and see if the hcg levels are doubling. It is possible though pet that you are pg. So many stories on this board of girls like you who have gotten bfps' before their af returned. So just because it didnt happen for me, doesnt mean it won't for you. hth's and wishing so much luck... its an emotional time and nothing worse than not knowing whats going on :xox
Bananas28 Posts: 51
So sorry to hear of your loss. I don't have any first hand experience to offer but I think if it was me I would do a test because that nagging feeling that there might be a chance you're pregnant won't go away until your AF arrives (if it does in fact arrive) and I'd find it torture having to wait. I've my fingers crossed for you. :wv
McMummy Posts: 1041
Firstly I'm very sorry to hear about your miscarriage, such a horrible thing to have to go through. I'm not really the best person to advise you as I haven't gone through this myself but I have read that after a miscarriage you are very fertile and it's not unusual to get pregnant again very soon. Could you ring your GP and see what he/she thinks it wouldn't cost you anything and they might give you a better idea if another pregnancy is possible so soon. If they want you to come in maybe its money worth spending if only to have peace of mind and put you and your DH out of your misery. If it were me I wouldn’t completely trust a positive result on a home pregnancy test wondering if I still had some pregnancy hormones from the first pregnancy and end up going to the GP anyway. Best of luck I hope it turns out well for you and you get your BFP
duckyboo Posts: 38
Hi, I went through sometime similiar to you but I had a D&C 7 weeks ago and 4 weeks after the D&C I started having pregnancy symptoms and I did a test and it came up positive so I went into my doctor and did two bloods test on a Friday and a monday to see what my hcg levels were at - they came back at 21 and 18 so my doc said it was from the last miscarriage and sometime it can take a 6-8 weeks to leave your body. My advice to you is do a pregnancy test and if it does come up positive go to your gp and get the two hcg levels done as it is the only way of know if it from the last miscarriage or if it is a new pregnancy. Best of luck and let us know how you get on.
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Hiya, Really sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I hope you are coping. They are such a difficult thing to go through. :o( I had a miscarriage back in Feb. I bled for about 2 weeks & then when it stopped I was just waiting for my AF to arrive but it never did. We dtd maybe 3 times & when I started to get a few pregnancy symptoms alarm bells started ringing! Ill be honest, the times we dtd were around when I was ovulating (I knew by my CM) so we kind of knew what we were doing but part of me was a bit scared to get pregnant again without having had an AF in between but we said what will be will be. But anyway as you can see it worked out for us & I am now nearly 26 weeks pregnant. Do a test, it’s the only way you’ll know. Really hope it’s a BFP for you. :wv
Mmmm Lisa ! Posts: 6
Thank you so much for the replies. I am doing well and have been feeling really positive, I was really just really sitting waiting for AF to return and then to start planning again. I have done a HPT, I think I did it a week or two after miss and it was -ive, so I am fairly sure that the pregnancy hormones are/were gone. I haven't got a clue when I ovulated, just DTD the 3 times + hadn't noticed CM or anything. I think the best thing is to do a test and move on either way. Its just that I never once considered that I might be pregnant and now that the thought has occured to me I am nearly afraid to be disappointed. Anyway as the weekend is coming I will want to know either way before then, I will let you know what happens. Thanks again for all the advice, it really is very kind and caring. :wv
fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
First I am so sorry for your loss. It is heartbreaking. I had a missed mc on 26th january at 8 weeks. I bleed naturally for 7 days and took this as my AF as advised under taking charge of your fertility. We dtd once on 14th Feb with it being valentines day and all :-8 like you I had got a bfn 7 days after bleeding. On the 27th February I got a bfp. I got a early scan at 6wks and saw the heartbeat. Ds was born in November. Test and put your mind at rest. Best of luck let us know. :wv
Mmmm Lisa ! Posts: 6