Missed (24wk) combined care appointment with GP?

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zig and zag Posts: 298
Ever happen to anyone? My gp is changing to a different location & moving all files/patients etc & I've been trying to get appointment with him for 24week check so I've to ring again this week & see if there's availability. I'll be going for my hospital appointment next week (28weeks) and thinking would I be ok not going to gp? I've never missed an appointment on my last pregnancy or this one apart from now so wondering what do you think? I am 27weeks tomorrow & pregnancy is going well so far, getting plenty of kicks (such an amazing feeling) the past few weeks.
zig and zag Posts: 298
LizaMinnelli Posts: 171
As far as I know it's no big deal - I asked the midwife at my booking appointment about the GP visits and she said only use them if you need them. I felt the wait from my 11 week hospital apt to my 22 week apt was very long so I booked in half way through with GP as I wasn't feeling great. She took bloods, urine, BP and listened to HB with doppler. If I had been feeling fine though I don't think I would have gone. HTH! :wv
zig and zag Posts: 298
Thanks a mill for that :) I am feeling fine apart from getting bigger & more uncomfortable (the joys!) I think I'll leave it til midwives appointment.
dita Posts: 960
if your feeling fine I don't see why you need to go I didn't really stick to any set weeks for my checkups..they don't do that much in GPs anyway..
zig and zag Posts: 298
That's exactly it Dita, thanks for your reply too :)