Missed a Yasmin Pill

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Jackaroo Posts: 182
Hi, I posted this on H&F but then thought that you ladies would be more clued-in on this area! I am in my first week of a new packet of Yasmin - took pill Sat, Sun & Mon morning as usual, forgot to take yesterday (Tues) and took this morning's as normal. Had sex on Monday night. Reading the little booklet thing it says you are at a particularly high risk of becoming pregnant if you miss a pill in your first week and have had sex in the previous week. I've had a look on the web and there is some conflicting advice - one site said I've to take 2 pills tday & I'll be alright. Just rang me doc surgery and she's left since 2 wks ago! They are going to get someone else to call me back but would have preferred if I could speak to her!
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi Jackaroo, it will depend on what time of the day you take the pill at. If you were less than 12 hours late you can take one immediately and then another at the normal time. If it is more than 12 hours late you will not be protected for 7 days. If you started taking the pill on the first day of your period then you are protected for the first week. If not you should be using extra protection anyway. If you took the pill Monday morning and had sex that night you should be proteced, but like i say only if you started the pill on the fist day of your period. Perhaps you should take the monring after pill just to be on the safe side. It can be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex. Hope this helps.
Jackaroo Posts: 182
Thanks for the that notlongtogo. I started this pack on Sat after my 7-day break so not first day of period. Took pill on Monday but completely missed Tuesday's so was 24 hrs late - only realised when I went to take pill this morning. Hopefully a doc will phone back this afternoon and if not I'll go to surgery tonight. Hope morning after won't be necessary cos it makes me so sick but its better than being 8 1/2 months preg getting married (which I would be)!
miss sixty Posts: 467
Jackaroo I have no set advice for you as such but I think your right to speak with your GP. However I was cautioned against doubling up on pills that have been missed. HTH! xxxx
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi Jackroo, i thought it was the first time you took the pill ( sorry getting a bit confused today) I would imagine you are alright, but like Miss Sixty said best not to rely on our advice wait till you hear from the doc. Hope they call soon.
Jackaroo Posts: 182
Just as reference for the rest of ye the doc phoned me back. I explained the situation and he said that in theory there's a risk of pregnancy so if I want to be ultra cautious (and I do) I should take the morning after pill. So I'm going this evening after work to get the prescription for it. Haven't taken it for years but can remember how nauseous I felt after 2nd dose (not sure if its still done that way - anyone know?) Anyway thanks for all the replies!