mistake with bridesmaids

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Sin16 Posts: 236
Hi girls. I need to post this here as I don't know what to do and can't talk to anyone about it. I'm so worried. When we got engaged I got so caught up in everything that I decided on my bridesmaids very quickly. 2 of them I'm happy with but the 3rd I just don't know why I chose her. She is a good friend but not as good as another friend. I barely chat to her and it's freaking me out that I made the wrong decision. I just wish I picked someone else instead. I also made her chief and don't know why! Is there any solution or just I just live with my decision. I presume that's what I must do and never mention it.
NinjaDonDon Posts: 300
I know a couple of Brides who have 'demoted' for lack of a better word, their chief and it wasn't that big of a deal. Most things can be sorted out by being honest and straight forward with the person. If you feel like that, I'm sure she had a few wtf thoughts about it too. Ask her to do a prayer or something so you're not completely dumping her, or a few words at the meal even. These girls are for the most part are meant to know you inside out and be a support. If it's an issue now, it'll be an issue down the line. Best of luck with it.
jenny7785 Posts: 158
I asked one of my older sisters, and since then I have told her that not only is she no longer maid of honor, or bridesmaid, she might not even be invited y the time the wedding comes round. her and her daughter hate my partner and because she is my sister i thought she would be a bridesmaid and just be nice for my sake but since then shes just been a bitch i kicked her out and asked three others and since then ive never been more excited . it didnt feel right having her as a bridesmaid and since i told her i wanted to ask someone else i feel alot better about the decision if you want to be diplomatic about it, then just tell her that you and your partner have come to a decision to only have two bridesmaids and you still want her to be involved in the wedding so would she do a reading. and in a few months just say that your partner really wanted to ask another person and as you already had readings and stuff organised for her then you thought it would be easier to just ask your other friend. and before she can say anything just say ' i thought it would be a little less stressful to do it that way because im so stressed out with this wedding and i cant deal with anymore bs from anyone'. if shes a decent enough friend she will be annoyed but she wont make you feel any worse about it