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prunella09 Posts: 395
Ladies I need your help! Thanks to MarianF we have a sticky listing all the best MOB shops around Ireland. But I would like to know what is the average budget your mum spent on her main outfit e.g. dress, jacket etc. My mum is a widow so I don't want to give her a heartattack if she tries on a lovely outfit that is way too expensive. I know this is a kinda how long is a piece of string question so I reckon experience is the best guide. Please tell me how much the main outfit cost your mum excluding shoes, hat etc.... Thanks a million :thnk Pru
Delish Posts: 4176
I went shopping with my mam, and if the sales assistants seemed pushy we told them we were guests at a wedding and not bride and mob. My mum doesn't like the OTT flowy/bright coloured outfits - some of which were over a grand. She bought a beautiful s uit in BT's and hired a really fab hat. One saleswoman told us she spent over a thousand on her outfit for her sons wedding and she never wore it again as it was too ott for other events. All depends on the MOB personality.
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
I voted for the first option because my mum wanted something she could wear again. She bought a lovely dress in a boutique and matched a wrap, feathers etc up to it herself. Also, she is quite young and a lot of the MOB styles were very old for her. She did not have inclination or budget for some of the outfits in MOB shops. I found getting her outfit sorted for the day more stressful than dressing myself or the BM's :o0
halloweenbride Posts: 283
Don't want to freak ya out but you should have an option for 1000 + as loads of the MOB stuff is well over a thousand euro. My mum had searched the country far and wide and then nearly had to go for an outfit for 1200 euro , though it would have killed her and she would have had to lie to Dad about the cost , but thank God she saw an outfit te next day for under 600. Sje got beautiful shoes and bag to modernise it up and a lovely throw. By the time we get the jewellry I would say end cost being roughly 750 ish!!
prunella09 Posts: 395
Thanks for the replies ladies... I think I will be dedicating a couple of weekends to this little project O:o) I agree getting my dress seems way easier. My mam won't go for anything too fussy but I want her to look a million dollars!
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
[quote="halloweenbride"]Don't want to freak ya out but you should have an option for 1000 + as loads of the MOB stuff is well over a thousand euro./quote] I agree My Mam's outfit was over 1,000, and that's without shoes/hat/jewellery etc. Not sure how much the average outfit would be, as she bought the first outfit she tried on.
MrsG2b Posts: 1458
My mothers [b:2vx04r11]1st[/b:2vx04r11] outfit was €570. When she got it home, none of us liked it, including her. She said she was so fed up at the end, she got one that fitted etc just to be done. After she got it home, she realised she didn't really like it at all. My sisters sent me pics and I didn't like it either but would not have said anything if I thought she was over the moon about it. Anyway, my poor sis had to bring it back to the shop who gave her a credit note and she ended up getting a different outfit in a different shop which cost another €400! So long as she is happy - there was no point in her wearing the first one she was not comfortable in it.
frecklz Posts: 1839
I couldn't tick any of your options... My mum wore an outfit she had for a while and had never worn. So, nothing. The outfit itself cost very little. Definitely under your first option. She bought a new handbag though, for about €40. :-8
smittenb2b Posts: 675
Mum got hers in sale with hat and all it was about 600 in sale I think full price about 1000. Terrible money, some are as dear as wedding dresses
prunella09 Posts: 395
Yikes - we are hopefully going to hit the Dublin shops tomorrow evening for a browse and if that fails start on vanity fair maybe at the weekend. I like your mum's style Frecklz - stress free *) Thanks for all your replies Pru