MOB outfit coordinating with bride: Ideas Please!

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MissusRtoBe Posts: 27
I'd like to have some sort of coordination between my Mum's outfit and my own. I'd appreciate if anyone has any photos they could post of brides with their Mums or mothers-in-law that look well together. Thanks a mill.
smittenb2b Posts: 675
Hey, my mam got an ivory skirt and jacket suit with sort of black threading at the bottom of her skirt and sleves neckline etc . My dress is ivory too. I was at a wedding where the bride wore white wedding dress and the mob wore white plain dress with long coat and it worked really well. If it all gets too difficult you could try and tie in your bms dresses with mobs outfit ie have some of bms colours in it. My mam got her suit in vanity fair in newbridge. Unfortunately they haven't got a website so Ive no pictures for you
rubies Posts: 1375
We won't be the least bit coordinated and I think my mam will look fab. She's already done the ivory dress thing and I wouldn't want her to have to wear that colour again. My bridesmaids dresses will be similar in shape to mine though.
smittenb2b Posts: 675
Well my mam looks fantastic in the ivory suit, its her colour and was her choice. It didn't bother me if she didn't tie in with my dress, it was what she looked stunning in and comfortable in. The fact it ties in now is a bonus and the black and white photos will be amazing. She has been sick and my dad is sick and god forbid things go further downhill between now and the wedding, so I really couldn't care if they both wore shell track suits . I am not about to turn around and tell her she cant wear ivory as she had her day, shes enough on her plate.
rubies Posts: 1375
Yeah whatever the MOB is comfortable in and looks well in. I had no say in what she picked and I didn't mind as she's happy with it. I don't want her stressing to coordinate with the rest of the party if it's not what she wants. It's going to be obvious who she is and anyway nearly all the guests will know my mam already.
MRSCTOBE09 Posts: 97
Yeah i also think this is a lovely idea - Im wearing a white dress with some bling & my mams outfit is silver & white, which I think will really compliment both - it wasnt planned but worked out well!!
October_2007 Posts: 937
My mums outfit matched my dress and the BM dress perfectly although this was purely by chance. I was in a gold colour dress, my sister in dusky pink and my mum's dress was a mix of both colours. PM me if you want to see a pic. HTH
MissusRtoBe Posts: 27
Thanks for the ideas. Thanks for the offer October, I will PM you now.
mentalrebel Posts: 1603
hey i am wearing ivory and by pure coincidence my mam is wearing a creamy/beige colour...she looks amazing...we will actually be fairly close in colour but i think it will look fab in the pictures.
gerbil Posts: 3528
another idea is to match her to BM colours, my mothers outfit matched the Bms, Lilac and Ivory and it looked fab in photos.