MOB Outfits by Linea Raffaelle

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20112010 Posts: 27
Just wondering if anyone knows of any shops that stock MOB outfits by Linea Raffaelle in Dublin, Meath, Louth or Kildare? My mam found a dress in a mag and loves it she won't settle on anything else until she trys it on O:| thanks in advance
ott Posts: 3920
Nicola Ross in Naas do them anyhow...
soc Posts: 170
Jennys boutique in Ashbourne or Dunshaughlin
Bonnybride10 Posts: 338
[quote="ott":3d6d2hr1]Nicola Ross in Naas do them anyhow...[/quote:3d6d2hr1] +1 My mum got hers there a couple of weeks ago & it looks amazing on her! I think Loretta's in Clane also stock them.... if you go here [url:3d6d2hr1][/url:3d6d2hr1] you can see what shops stock the outfits HTH
petersgirl Posts: 1568
Anyone know the price range of them? I think they look amazing and my mum would look great in one :)
Bonnybride10 Posts: 338
They're expensive!!! AFAIK my mum paid around €850 for dress, jacket & fascinator. Nothing else would do though, she LOVES it & it does look amazing on her! Shocking money though!!
petersgirl Posts: 1568
agh that's nearly the price of a wedding dress :o0