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Thumper2010 Posts: 579
Hi everyone, I'm based in Dublin, and I'm looking at the benefits of having someone come to the house and do hair and make up myself one bridesmaid and my mother. Prices look to start at €300 for hair and €300 for make-up for the 3 of us, which I think is ridiculous. The other options is to go to my local hairdresser, get a blow dry for Mum an up style for the bridesmaid, and I was thinking of having a half up half down style with a hair piece for volume length and curls for myself (would that be very expensive? how much are clip in pieces and can anyone put them in?). This would be around €200 for the styling I'm thinking. Then if I booked Mac in BT's - it may cost €40 each for the make up, but at least I get to put that against products! Which can be part of the mother and bridesmaid's present then. What does everyone think about the pros and cons for both? I can still go back to the house for the getting ready pics, getting into the dress and meeting the neighbours etc. Or has anyone gotten a better deal for a good mobile hairdresser / make up artist. There seem to be minimum payments, which for a small party of 3 make it very expensive. I know there may be a bit of rushing around, but if it halves my costs is it worth it? Thanks. x
Mrs.Know It All Posts: 118
Hey I was thinking the exact same as you i had had a few trials and wsant happy and it all seemed to be costing a fortune, in the end i got two girls to come to the house and i am glad now that i did because they where an extra pair of hands and i needed it the morning was so crazy that when i look back now i think i was mad even thinking about having to go into town for make-up and hair, def works out cheeper but mine came to around 500 for both including my trials, My worry would be getting stuck in traffic or girls being late in salon etc im sure there are girls that have gone out to get it done but its the one day you should be pampered so i would really think about maybe cutting back on something else and treating yourself!
may14 Posts: 62
i have had 2 sisters marry in the last year and a half and one dragged us out for hair and makeup and we were delayed nearly an hour in the salon also the girl she booked for her hair didnt tell her she would be away and it was a different stylist on the wedding day O:| so my other sister booked two girls and they came good and early which a salon wont do! and we all got done in loads of time. It was nice at the house to as flowers and a present arrived for my sister from the groom to be and she would have missed the delivery. so for me its pamper all the way at home!!!! its only one day
MrsEL10 Posts: 910
I want to get hair and make up done at home. For me with wedding NYE salons will be crazy busy. Intend to get a few bottles of champagne and get gowns for the girls, rather than stressing out running everywhere. Now I just have to find someone that doesn't cost the earth...
Mrs.Know It All Posts: 118
yeah your right! Much more relaxing and enjoyable! Have you got any quotes yet some of the wollies are saying that the prices are going up and not down!
purebliss Posts: 93
Hi ,here are the powder room girls prices €300 for up to four people for hair and €300 for up to four for makeup €50 for brides trial and half price for brides maids if they get it done on the same day. If your mum is the fifth person they will do hers for free. They include one hour of travel each way for this price. They also have backup for illness or injury and are fully insured. that is very good value
Mrs.Know It All Posts: 118
What happens if you only want 3 done do they still charge you €300? I was charged €300 for three bridesmaids and mother of the bride free including my trial i think i did well!
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MrsEL10 Posts: 910
Prices seem to vary. I am trying to get quotes at the moment and have got quotes between 250 and 450 for 6 people, plus travel, plus trial.
purebliss Posts: 93
Hi, I asked the powder room girls for you and they said if there is only three people they would give a reduction .You would have to ask stylist/makeup artist allocated to you for a quote or Yvonne in the office could ask them for you.