Mobile Hairdressers??

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Rachel Karen Green Posts: 927
Just wondering what's the feedback on these. I've booked a make up artist to come to the house but not sure about booking a mobile hairdresser?? One of my friends was saying that it might just get messy and they'd be falling over each other. She got married recently and we were rushing a bit getting back to the house for the makeup but then again she got married half an hour earlier than I will be. Seems a bit more expensive as well but don't really mind too much if it makes life easier. Any opinions/experiences?
stinky Posts: 606
The only concern I had about a mobile hairdresser was that it would take longer than going to a salon - I might be really naive here though. I was under the impression that just one person would come to your house and do everyones hair - please correct me if I'm wrong :oops: I though that it would take less time if I went to a salon and booked each person in with a different sylist. Having said that, if you have a small bridal party it might work out really well - I'm sure you can set up a bit of a conveyor belt for the make up artist and hairdresser so that they aren't in each others way
Rachel Karen Green Posts: 927
That's a good point. Hmm hard to know what's the best thing to do! Aswell with salons you can get trials easily but a mobile hairdresser needs to be booked so far in advance that it would be a waste to get a trial done at that stage. I think I'll wait and see. I've heard good things about a salon half an hour away...might take a trip into them and talk to them.
stinky Posts: 606
I've heard good reports about one of my local salons too so I might check them out - they have a beauty salon above them that do make up - this may be an incredibly stupid question but is getting your make up done in a salon as good as a make up artist? :oops:
Rachel Karen Green Posts: 927
I think it depends on them. My friend went for a trial to get her tan, hair and makeup done in a place near us...the tan and hair were fab and she was going with them for that...then she got the makeup done...chronic!! The girl told her browns were boring and she put 2 purple streaks on her eyes cos the BM dresses were purple!! Needless to say she cancelled the makeup and got it done at home with a makeup artist. She did a great job and was there right til she put on the dress and was able to touch up before she went. It did make it more relaxed.
Joleigh Posts: 4242
What about sending the BMs to the hairdressers that morning to get theirs done and a mobile hairdresser and make up artist coming to the house, Bride and Mammy could get hair done then everyone get make up done.
Rachel Karen Green Posts: 927
Oh Joleigh our tickers are down to 12 months!!! This day next week it'll be exactly a year to the Big Day!!!! Oh my mother will probably go to her own one can do it like her apparently!!! I'm going to have a think about it. The make up artist is booked and she's harder to get so at least that's done. If the hairdresser opened at half 8 or something for me I might go that route.
SandraM Posts: 1112
I used Shades and Shapes from Newbridge. They were really good. Two hairdressers came to the house on the morning of the wedding and took about 2 hours to do myself, 2 BMs, my sister and my niece (who was flowergirl). I'd really recommend them.