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nomla Posts: 787
Hi all I was just wondering if you could help. I am looking for a mobile make up artist in the louth area (Drogheda) for next June. I got a quote from Fuschia for coming to my home of €280. This would include me and three bridesmaids only. Is that expensive my initial reaction was too dear; as the trial would take place in the shope for €25 each and we could use that €25 to get make up to that value in the shop! I wanted my mam to get her make up done also; in all honesty all she needs is a little foundation and lipstick; she doesn;t wear make up at all; but that was another €65 with the shop!! In total it would cost me €445!! O:| Anyone any other ideas?.. thank you
The PDQ Posts: 954
To be honest that price sounds kind of the norm. I can highly recommend Jane Gribbon. She's from Malahide and travels to your home, her no.s 0872492896.
little b Posts: 113
i pmd you :wv
nomla Posts: 787
hi Just want to say: there is a range of quotes for make up artists. For wollies who thought the €445 quote was average; it is not. It is a ridicuousy high price. Thanks to other wollies i have earned of other suppliers who are more reasonable in their pricing. No doubt these suppiers are still earning a profit; they are just not milking us for every penny because the word wedding is used. Thank you ladies. :o)ll :o)ll
cheryl cole Posts: 49
[quote="nomla":2ximlvz0] Just want to say: there is a range of quotes for make up artists. [/quote:2ximlvz0] I just want to say that there is also a range of skills out there so be careful and make sure to have a trial. I have no connection with any make up artists but the last thing you want is to look back on your wedding day and say I wish I paid the extra couple of hundred euro to get a professional in.
nomla Posts: 787
thanks for the comment. I will be using a professional and I will be having a trial with the make up artist. Although quality does cost; sometimes compaines just price themselves out of the market; by thinking they can mutiply by 5 instead of 2> I heard someone joke that they only thing that hasn't been hit by the recession is weddings. I know we have.
Hi Girls, My name is "B" and I am a fully Qualified Hairdresser & Make-up artist,I have been working full time in television for 10 years and have decided to expand my wedding business,so please feel free to ask any questions regarding hair & make-up as I have a lot of experience I will try to help you as much as possible,I know you want to look as beautiful as possible on your wedding day so if you would like to have a trial please free to contact me on 0868421058. Looking forward to hearing from you, B
The PDQ Posts: 954
Try paying to be a legitamate advertiser on this site.