Moby wrap or close sling??? which one?

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babyluck Posts: 764
hi I have a moby wrap and I like it only for the wrapping!!! the close sling looks like it is easier to get on (over your head) and seems to offer the same solutions. I didn't get much guidance from the babywearing irish site so just wondering if you have had experience of the 2 and can give me your opinion ? thank you
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
Did you check out the section on their site about the sling library? If there is one near you and they have the kind of sling you are thinking of you could get a demo and try it out. Or they rent them out from The one in Cork as well, so again you could get to try it before buying. Personally I really want the JPMBB stretchy wrap, you can put that on in the morning and leave it on so just pop baba in and out.