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Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
im doing a beauty course and ive been let down by models so far for classes, which is a nightmare as its always short notice, if anyone is in louth area and may be available evenings every 1-2 months, for either facials, makeup or pedicure manicures etc it will vary on nights, sometimes its 6:15 and others 7:30, anyone that wud like a free makeover please pm me so when i need someone i can contact you and give plenty of notice. as im only new around this area i dont know many people and the few i do know usually work all different hours!
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
I'm not in that area but if I was I would volunteer! Hope you get someone. A free manicure or whatever would be nice!
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
thanks nw gal, i never thought it would be so hard to get people, but my teacher has got me someone for this time thank god and ill just have to book someone weeks in advance next time.
clucky Posts: 26471
bumping this also raging i dont live near louth >:o(
sorcha25 Posts: 532
WOULD LOVE TO VOLUNTEER AS WELL IF I LIVED IN LOUTH. used to "model" for my friend when he was training to be a hairdresser and because we were friends he used to do crazy things to my hair