Modern Fashions Dundalk - should i bother?

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poppet56 Posts: 977
Have appointment here tomorrow, just did a search on here and there was a thread from 2007 and ppl were saying stay well away! if this is case thats completely fine - dont wanna waste time! some posters here were saying you are only given 30 mins to try on dresses? anywhere i have been so far have been AT LEAST an hour - most places at least an hour and a half - 2 hours in some places! dont expect that everywhere but surely 30 mins would be eaten up by only 1 or 2 dresses by time you pick out what you wanna try on?
joker Posts: 2789
i was thinking of chancing going tomorro without an appointment... a girl i know recommended this place to me... she got her dress there for her wedding in june....
poppet56 Posts: 977
i am wondering has it improved since the posts from 2007 - but have so much to do tomoro - dont wanna waste time!
Ms. G Michael Posts: 280
Ring them and explain that you heard you only get half an hour to try dresses etc and say you're driving a long way so you would like to know that you were able to stay a bit longer. I'm sure they'll say no problem.
poppet56 Posts: 977
Yeah i might do that!
joker Posts: 2789
poppet i went to paradise collections in armagh this week and they had a great selection of dresses... its appointment only though... there is some bad reports about this shop in the northen ireland forum however i found them very helpful... i think if at all possible shopping for wedding dresses is better mid week.. not as busy!!
sunray Posts: 198
I went to Mdern Fashions for an appointment and got an hour - although it was coming to lunch time and wasn't going to get any longer - She has a gd selection of dresses but she picked out the ones she thought I would like I didn't really get a chance to look through them myself but saying that the ones she picked were lovely. Be aware that you will be changing in front of everyone as there is no seperate changing room & she puts the dress on you. If your that near the north I would try up there too I rang about a Maggie dress and it was working out cheaper up North .. even with currency diff. HTH :wv
Babyloco Posts: 964
I was there last week and i did only get 45 mins, but the lady i had was nice, and a good selection of dresses. In saying that though i am going to Paradise Collections in Armagh next week to order the dress-much cheaper and so far they have been very nice when ive been on the phone to them-some people saying they werent great on another thread.
milis Posts: 7998
If you book it and tell them how long you want, you will get that long! I wouldn't chance going without an appointment, because they will only take one person at a time. The only people you will have to change infront of are the people you bring with you.
joker Posts: 2789
I was in modern fashions today and the dresses are nice... the bridal suite is ok and you do have to strip in front of whoever you bring to your dress showing.... Paradise collections is alot more private and they definately have more dresses...