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mrs Posts: 673
Can anyone please help me!!!!!!!!! Have got a gorgeous Mohair cardigan for the Winter have only worn it once though as it stuck to everything and destroyed my trousers with hairs!! Tried putting it in to the fridge for a few days but didn't do anything for it!! O:|
mad woman Posts: 22106
you should have put it in the freezer, it not try hairspray, it works for glitter tops.
SparklyC Posts: 1766
Freezer tip is definitely the way to go - My Flower girls had handknitted mohair boleros that my mother did for them and they didnt want to wera them because of the hair-iness of them and I was worrying about them shedding too (the cardigans were purple over cream dresses) and we put them in a plastic bag in the freezer for a day or so beforehand and then left them out the night before hte big day and they were softer and didnt shed at all. Hope this helps :wv