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Daisy Day Posts: 376
[quote="fredsmom":3kxfzqqh]120 includes aunts, uncles and cousins. We have decided to order invites from vistaprinmt and agree with her who on the list can get these. that way I will have enough of my own invites to send to my friends. I am jhappy enough now with that outcome. Maybe she felt bad for upsetting me the weekend of my birthday!!![/quote:3kxfzqqh] Hi Fredsmom, Just reading this thread now and was getting so angry for you! I cannot believe she thinks it's acceptable to invite 120 people - out of a total of how many?? My MIL did something similar but on a much smaller scale. It didn't p*ss me off any less at the time though. We had a small-ish wedding abroad and wanted just close friends and family (about 60 max we thought would come). Anyway MIL produced a guest list of 30 which included a couple of aunts and uncles but was primarly made up of her and FILs friends from college!! People I had never met in my life and OH barely knew them - it was the chance for a big college reunion for them! OH confronted her and she started on with the waterworks and of course he's such a softie he let her off with it. She had a total meltdown because of course she'd invited all these people without mentioning one word to us and she would have been mortified having to go back and say that they were un-invited! She swore blind most of them wouldn't come what with us getting married abroad and on the day of course every last one of them was there. O:| O:| O:| Now that said they were great craic, mingled so well with all our "real" guests and I barely even noticed they were there to be honest, but I still look at our wedding pictures and have to ask OH who such and such a person is! And as I said that was on a small scale - 120 is the craziest thing I have ever heard and your mother has some cheek. Do I take it from your reply above that it's only the invitations that have been sorted now and you're letting her off inviting as many people as she wants??
elaine 74 Posts: 6
OMG I Thought i was bad with my mother wanting to invite 10 couples that are neighbours where i grew up. I had my first row about our guest list. We have a set amount of people that both i and my fiancee want to invite. We are paying for our wedding. My mother wanted to pay for the people she wants also if it means they could come.. but its not about the money its about you wanting the people you want to share in your day... My mother even told me that i should have not decided to get married at home if i wasn't going to invite all the neighbours as she still has to live there .... I went back to Dublin REALLY UPSET and am even more upset that i let her upset me..... i wish you luck and remember it is your day not hers ....
PhDmammy Posts: 387
OK so I am just as mad at h2b now. Twice I went through his list with him to make sure he had not forgot anybody...once in june before ordering invite material and once before I saw my mothers list and both times he said everyone was on it.....alas..when I went to get addresses off him there were 10 more couples on it that were not on my list!!!! O:| O:| and when I asked him to confirm the list I got of him for his mother and her list of addresses..there was more people he had forgotten to tell me about!!! O:| Was I the only one with any cop on in finalising the guest list?! so so angry!! I also asked him to get me the addresses two weeks ago and he only started looking for them on monday so now we are waiting on his friends to get back to us..which lots of them aren't O:| O:| On the brightside!! I managed tohandmake a bunch more invites to cover the excess people...they are not the same as my other invites but very similar. Below is original invite. [attachment=0:2f70glx9]Invite.1.png[/attachment:2f70glx9] here is the new one [attachment=1:2f70glx9]Excess invite.jpg[/attachment:2f70glx9] I actually think I prefer the new one and it was even cheaper to make!!! :o0 :o0 :o0