Monkstown swimming pool

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Beck Posts: 432
Hi guys, I'm thinking about working myself up to start swimming (!!!!). But, I've never gone swimming as a work out before, and I'm wondering about the etiquette of it all. I know that in Monkstown there are various adult only swims and that there are some lanes available for swimming in these sessions. Does anyone know if the whole pool is in lanes, or just one side of it? Also, with lane swimming, is there a set of 'lane manners'? Do you wait for the person in a lane to finish, or do you just go up and down and try not to bump into each other? I've no idea, is there even a fast and a slow lane, cos I'd definitely be in the slow lane! Any help would be much appreciated guys!
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
There's one lane for swimming and the rest is open - this is during public swims. They have one at 6.30 most evenings I think, and 5.30 some evenings. You might find a timetable online