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sarahstrikes Posts: 214
Hi, I've heard loads about the monsoon bridal shop in kilkenny but can't seem to find it online. Does anyone know where it is/opening times ect. Thanks girls.
sarahstrikes Posts: 214
:o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll can anyone help???
mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
sarahstrikes Posts: 214
Thank you moorbride but is that definately the bridal place. I have tried ringing the phone number and it comes up as disconnected and this is located on the high street and I had heard that the bridal one was in the new shopping centre?????? Anyone from kilkenny on here that could tell where exactly it is? sorry i'm such a pain but want to head up with bm's next friday
bales Posts: 574
The number for Monsoon in Kilkenny doesnt work for some reason as I was trying to ring last week myself.It doesnt have that much bridal clothes to be honest.I would advise you to go to Monsoon in Dundrum town centre in Dublin they have a way better selection.Dont waste a day on the one in Kilkenny. :wv
me julie Posts: 368
fully agreement with bales monsoon in kk is not worth the trip def try dundrum.