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MrsRugby Posts: 1532
Hi Girls, Just looking for advice .... Recently been made redundant and want to do something different as regards the job front ( if i can !) I would like to do a course on childcare, not sure weather to so something like the childcare fetac level 5 one or go do a montessori course. Its a totally different area of work for me as for years i worked in administation. Always wanted to work with kids but just got stuck in the 9-5 job!. I have researched courses and i can do some online through distance learning, this would be good for me as i live in the sticks. Can anyone help guide me as what i should start off with and what would be a good (accredited) course.The portobello institue seem to do a good on line course in montessori, anyone have experience with this? Any comments / feedback would be good Cheers :thnk
lux Posts: 6270
Before you do anything I'd advise you to have some work experiance in both a Montessori AND childcare setting. I did my Montessori diploma as a distance course through the Montessori education centre. However, I had a lot of experiance before I did the course due to family connections. Montessori is a more academic course. You'll do modules etc on general child care but the Montessori method is (and should be) your primary focus. You'll also have to do work experience with the courses to graduate, more than likely. You'll also need work experience to get a job. I'd advise going for a course with level 6 FETAC at a minimum as this is the standard requirement for teachers partaking in the ECCE scheme, you'll be at a disadvantage with only a level 5. HTH and PM me for more info, I can reply in more detail on another day!
katiemomma Posts: 2690
Hi Im working in Montessori nearly 5 years and I did it part time through portobello. one night a week. 5 saturdays thrpughout the year and 50 hours work experience and it was level6. I would also reccomend doing fetac level6 even for getting a job level 6 woulkd always look better and you need to get out there and get experience. Lux is right maybe try to get some time in a montessori setting to see if you will like it. my friend went full time to college to do childcare and gave up halfway through it completely turned her off and then went on to do something totally different. I love it though Monessori for me would be a better choice than a childcare course. I lived 2 towns over from where I did my course it was a bit of a drive one night a week for 8 months but worth it in the end. Check out where there part time ones are on. they usually start in feb and september though i think. I have just started an online course with them and i cant get motivated at all to do anything where as when you have to go one ngiht a week you do actually have to work at it. so I would aim to get something part time if possible.
MrsRugby Posts: 1532
Thanks very much girls. Just wondering though, I thought you would have to have done Childcare FETAC 5 first before you could do FETAC 6 ? or can you do FETAC 6 straight away. Would you know of anywhere in Munster where you could do these courses, all seem to be in Dublin, which would be way too far for me. Thanks again.
Alwaysbroke Posts: 1140
Here's one in Limerick, 2 nights per week and 4 saturdays. Another one in Limerick but it's an ordinary degree so a step up from the Fetac. It's 2 nights per week for 3 years and it's a HETAC course ... e_id=16033
katiemomma Posts: 2690
You should be able do it part time through portobello in cork. I did mine in kerry but they dont seem to be doing it anymore there. You can do level 6 straight away if you are doing montessori.
MrsRugby Posts: 1532
Thanks girls and sorry for the late reply, computer was on the blink. Can you go straight in and do the FETAC 6 in childcare without having done level 5 ? someone told me you must have 2 modules done in level 5 and then you can go on and do level 6, is this correct ? I dont have any qualfications in this area at all, but I have picked up some work experience in a local creche which will be starting soon. I just want to know what i should be doing as regards getting a qualification. :thnk
katiemomma Posts: 2690
Well I did the level 6 with no previous qualification at all. So that is not true. Unless there is a particular course that does have set rules. But the portobello one did no have this rule when i did it. Enjoy the work experience! Did you see if there was a part time montessori course on the portobello website? usually one night a week with one saturday a month.
Rogue User Posts: 6101
I did my Montessori course in Liberties, it is MACTE accredited. This is an international Montessori accreditation. You don't need to have done FETAC level 5 to do Montessori. My friend just finished up her Montessori course in Portobello there and she found it great. A word of warning about Montessori though - it is very badly paid and there is no union to stand up for you and your rights. I worked in creches with Montessori schools for years and finally jacked it in a couple of years ago after being treated like [email protected] for far too long. I worked in many creches, from big chains to little independent playschools. I would def get some experience first and find out if its what you really want to do. It can be a very stressful job if you are working full time in a creche. The staff are usually very young as the younger you are the less they can get away with paying you. This means you end up working harder as these girls can be very inexperienced. I might be hung for saying this but a lot of girls with not great english are given work in creches cos they will work for min wage. It can be difficult to communicate with girls like this - its not their fault but they shouldn't be employed in an area of work where communication is of such importance. The atmosphere can be quite bitchy as its all women. IN all my 12 years of childcare I only worked in creches with men in Oz, never any men in Ireland. Except maybe the cooks! This is my experience so I am sure others will disagree but I just want you to be aware that childcare can seem like a very attractive profession from the outside looking in but its like being a teacher without all the benefits of long holidays, good pay and short hours. Stress!
mrswifey09 Posts: 1300
Totally agree with you brideofrecession...Im not Montessori trained but work in childcare for 8 years, all of the places I have worked have Montessori trained teachers as room leaders and then part qualified as th other staff in th rooms. the money is girl I worked with has a level 8 degree in montessori and is on 10euro an hour!!!!! the room leader who is where I am now is there 4 years and has a class of 30 to run and is on 12euro per hour!!! works soooo hard, sooo much paper work, parent teacher meetings after hours, does monti reports 3 times a year x30!!!!!! and also cleans toilets, windows, changes th odd nappy if another room is under staffed! I could go on, but as someone else said like being a teacher without the benifits!!!