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Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
Am I the ONLY one with theses??? Holy jeez my poor hubby, I NEARLY made him cry yesterday over a packet of crisps! :cry: (Wouldn’t mind if you met him you wouldn’t believe me he’s 6ft 6 and plays rugby so he’s VERY well build) but God I nearly killed him…. Was DYING for a packet of “Salt and Vinegar Crisps” all the way home from work I ran in the door (bursting to use the loo and trying to climb the press to get them) and when I did there was an EMPTY 6 pack rapper up there and NO crisps…. Well I tell you ALL hell broke lose to a point were my hubby had to leave the house cos I was screaming :oops: …….he did return a little while later with a six packet of crisps and flowers….oh I thought I was going to die, he laughed about it and said “not to worry he understood” I think by the end of this we’ll be split up if I don’t take control of my temper! :( God love him he’s been through loads this year and doesn’t need me like a MAD WOMAN! AND I swore to myself I wouldn’t complain at ALL during this pregnancy cos it was soooo hard for us to conceive this baby and look at me now! Will have to start counting to 100 cos 10 just doesn’t work!
woonoo Posts: 78
God, know. Planned to be all serene and calm pregnant lady. Am most of time but when DH bugs me, it really nettles me and I can be a bit mean...
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
Hi there, I know exactly what you mean!!Hopefully once the baby comes we will all return to our usual serene selves!!!yeah right pmt here we come!!! :lol:
Soho Posts: 182
Listen you can tell him that if all he has to put up with is your moods he is getting off very very lightly. Oi and another thing - who put the empty packet back up there - oh I'm fuming - whats his number?????????
MTMR Posts: 788
Can I just say it's not your fault or the pregnancy..he should have known that you'd want S & V crisps when you got home and the idea of having an empty bag there was completely insensitive. Men!