Moon Palace Mexico or Legends Mauritius?

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windycity Posts: 2241
had a look at MP website and it doesnt look great... Legends looks so much nicer!
sez09 Posts: 35
Hi - we went to Cancun last year. We stayed at the Riu Palace but went to the Moon Palace resort to drop/pick up guests on our coach transfer. I have to say I probably wouldn't recommend it unless you plan to stay at the hotel throughout your holiday. It's about 45mins drive from Cancun out on it's own and it wasn't that nice imo - there's a golf course if you're into that though! I'm afraid I can't help with Legends! *)
dec2011B2B Posts: 452
went to moon palace last june for a friends wedding and thought it was fab, i know its a bit out of the way but with so much choice of restaurants and things to do you dont need to move out of resort, we only went out twice for the 2 weeks we were there, i would highly recommend it :wv
smiley08 Posts: 825
check out secrets Capri in Mexico, sorry cant help with Legends
Bree Van De Kamp Posts: 1275
I've just been to Legends on my honeymoon and it was FAB. You have to go half board but it works out much better value to go all inclusive as all food and drink is included and lunch and drinks can be quite expensive if you had to pay for them. There is 6 restaurants and all of them are all inclusive except Karma House but it's not very nice. The food in the 5 all inclusive restaurants is amazing, the cocktails are yummy. The bar does beach service and they'll deliver you pretty much anything to your sun lounger. There's pancakes every afternoon in the bar with every topping imaginable available. The staff are really helpful and friendly, the spa is lovely, I could go on, but I'm only depressing myself.