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erniebert Posts: 350
Hi ladies, just looking for a little bit of help. We're looking at menu options at the minute and the choices we have narrowed it down to are Roast rack of Wicklow lamb, potato and chorizo gratin, wilted spinach leaves, rosemary and black olive jus Sea bass (going to ask to change accompaniment for this one as don't like what's suggested) Sirloin steak, truffled mash potatoes, grilled asparagus spears, wild mushroom ragout and green peppercorn jus What would pick if you we a guest (rather than what do you think most people would like). Thank you :o)ll
highbeam Posts: 2578
I love lamb but I know a lot of people don't. The only thing about a rack of lamb is there usually isn't an awful lot of meat on it, have you already seen the size they would be? I would probably choose the steak.
erniebert Posts: 350
We're going to be tasting all 3 so will see them then. That's a good point though will have to keep that in mind. I forgot to say there will be a choice on the day so we need to narrow it down to 2
Ms HP Posts: 617
I would def go seabass! Steak is a good option as most people would eat it and then a veggie option:-)
Ohnoshedidnt Posts: 273
Seabass would definitely be my choice. Im having it at my wedding. I love lamb but it can be quite fatty and a lot of people dont like it. Steak can be touch and go too. So many people are fussy about how their steak is cooked
pooch90 Posts: 319
I picked the lamb purely because the accompaniment for the steak is very fussy.
autumn2012 Posts: 44
I usually love fish option, so had picked seabass until I saw the menu in detail, then I voted for the steak because I loved all the stuff with it. But if I had to pick two for to suit most people I would pick seabass and the lamb, people are fussy with how they like their steak. Then again, you'll never suit everyone, so just pick what ye love the most!
lindacork Posts: 174
i always get the fish option at weddings simply because its always the lightest option. With 4-5 courses you would stuffed to the brim for half the night.
disorganisedbynature Posts: 78
Hi, it all looks lovely, I would tend toward fish and steak myself but I got a tip from a friend who runs his own restaruant ( and is the main chef) relating to steak at weddings. He said steak can be very hard to get right for a large party as it is the meat that dries out quickest so can end up being very dry and tough by the time the dish is served if not cooked quite rare, I know irish people dont like their meat rare as much as our European counterparts.I had a thought to have something other than beef which is why my friend brought up the difficulties of cooking steak for large parties. Anyhow Im no expert whatsoever but if I decide on steak nearer the time I will be mentioning my friends tip to the wedding chef to see if he agrees!!
ninja next Posts: 1548
Sea bass - I dont like red meat but love fish.