Did you know that Morganite has become a popular choice of gemstone for engagement rings? It’s price, peachy tones, durability and beauty make it an excellent alternative to a diamond. [b:1f0i938s]What is Morganite?[/b:1f0i938s] Morganite is gemstone that belongs to the same family as aquamarine and emerald. It was originally discovered in Madagascar when it was first known as Rose Beryl, but later was renamed to Morganite in honour of JP Morgan and as a thanks for his financial contribution to the arts and sciences. It is quite a durable gem with a hardness rating of 7.5 – 8 Mohs, which is good considering one of the hardest substances known to man, the diamond, is rated at 10 Mohs. Discover more about Morganite in our article on [url=https://martingearjewellers.ie/morganite-engagement-rings-the-latest-trend/:1f0i938s]Morganite engagement rings[/url:1f0i938s]. We have just received a new batch of beautiful Morganite and rose gold engagement rings with most of them priced under the €500 mark. Here are some of our favourite rings: [b:1f0i938s]Cushion-Shaped Morganite & Diamond Ring[/b:1f0i938s] €595 - [url=https://martingearjewellers.ie/product/cushion-shaped-morganite-diamond-ring/:1f0i938s]View Ring[/url:1f0i938s] [img:1f0i938s]https://martingearjewellers.ie/wp-content/uploads/diamond-cushion-morganite-ring-2.jpg[/img:1f0i938s] [b:1f0i938s]Rose Gold Diamond & Morgnite Ring[/b:1f0i938s] €495 - [url=https://martingearjewellers.ie/product/rose-gold-diamond-morgnite-ring/:1f0i938s]View Ring[/url:1f0i938s] [img:1f0i938s]https://martingearjewellers.ie/wp-content/uploads/9k-morganite-diamond-ring-1.jpg[/img:1f0i938s] [b:1f0i938s]Rose Gold Diamond Halo Morganite Ring[/b:1f0i938s] €340 - [url=https://martingearjewellers.ie/product/rose-gold-diamond-halo-morganite-ring/:1f0i938s]View Ring[/url:1f0i938s] [img:1f0i938s]https://martingearjewellers.ie/wp-content/uploads/morganite-diamon-rose-gold-ring-1.jpg[/img:1f0i938s] Morganite is a beautiful gemstone, especially when combined with rose gold. We have many more [url=https://martingearjewellers.ie/engagement-rings-dublin/:1f0i938s]engagement rings in our Dublin boutique[/url:1f0i938s] and can also create a bespoke designed ring that is unique to your partner. All the best, Martin Gear