Mori Lee dress - help me find a picture please!!!

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gogglebox Posts: 910
Hi all, I have tried on a Mori Lee dress in Berkertex in London. I loved it, but as it was soooo different to what I thought I wanted, I am understandably nervous. I want to take my Mum and Sister to see it, but would like to get their opinion before going into London again to look at it. The consultant told me it was number 5111, but I can't find it anywhere by the number, or even by looking through all the pictures on the Mori Lee website!! It's an a-line style dress (i.e skirt not too full) and it's taffetta and lace. The taffetta overlay on the front is pulled up slightly at the two sides to reveal the lacy part underneath. It has a triain which is all lacy and on the 'bum' of the dress are about 3-4 flowers. I have probably done a terrible job of describing it.... but anyone with any info would be great - want to remind myself of what it looks like too... so I can see if I still like it!!! Thankyoooooooooo!!! :wv
skinnyinside Posts: 52
Hi, You might try House of, Bridesave etc, as they seem to have some dresses that I didn't see on the Mori lee site.(Possibly Mori lee keep it to their newest styles mine disappeared for a few months as well, then came back on S
aoife07 Posts: 460
Prob not it, but just in case
gogglebox Posts: 910
Thanks for the ideas - will take a look at the house of brides and see if they have anything there. I find it sooooooooo frustrating that you see a dress, like it, then can't remember the finer details and can't find a picture. It's hard when you see something else you like because you're going from memory as to what the dress looks like - after a while they all start to blur into one....!!!
pricilla Posts: 1564
Is it any of these? [url:3e3ahn37][/url:3e3ahn37]
CelineS Posts: 5
Hi ya, I have ordered a Mori-Lee dress and absolutely love it. I ordered mine in Aungier street in Dublin, in a shop called Bridal Designs. The women in it are lovely and you could ring them and ask them do they have it. Their phone number is 01-4784211. Hope that helps :compress Celine
Rachel Karen Green Posts: 927
The Moderne in Cork stocks them as well.
gogglebox Posts: 910
[quote="Pricilla":1adjpuis]Is it any of these? [url:1adjpuis][/url:1adjpuis][/quote:1adjpuis] Hi girls! Well.... unfortunately it's not one of those, but the closest match to the styel is the picture that I'm going to try to attach now....!It's numbe4r 2807 and it's the way the skirt is gathered that is similar. Difference is that in the dress I've seen, it's taffetta that is overlaying the lace and it's taffetta that's gathered up. Poop - can't attach the picture (don't know how...!) so here's the link! Thanks everyone for the suggestions for Mori Lee suppliers - will check them out and see what they say. [url:1adjpuis][/url:1adjpuis]
shy-bride Posts: 154
Googlebox thats fab....