Morning sickness - again :(

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notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi girls, sorry to be going on about this again. I really thought it was going as i had a few goodish days last week but its back again. I was struggling through it cos everywhere it says it will be gone at 12-14 weeks. Im into my 16th week and its just as bad. I was so sick in work on Thursday with sickness, headaches and dizziness. Had it all Thurs night and had to take Friday off work. Im grand for a couple of hours in the morning but by about 11ish it starts an by nighttime i just want to cry i feel so sick. I havent gotten sick yet but i still cant really eat. I have tried everything (going to get peppermint tea today and see if it helps). I really am at the end of my rope with it. I was never good with nausea i can deal with pain much better. Im raging cos its taking so much enjoyment away. Im thinking of asking work can i do 4 days if it doesnt go soon. Im struggling so much to sit in work all day and feel so crap. PS my jobs not that busy so 4 days may be an option. What do you think, a girl in work (she is 37 weeks) said if its not gone by now ill prob have it for all pregnancy. :o(
mammybean Posts: 10364
well, i had it right up til i was 16 weeks on the button and i am flying now. I was sick one night and not the next day or the next day and havent been since. people were saying it to me that i would prob always have it but it did go. i was being extremely sick though. there was a day when i was so nauseous that i had to make myself sic (early on, in the end i just had to open my mouth) and the relieve was unreal. its almost a pity you werent actually throwing up cos i do think you feel better after you be sick
Bumpalicious Posts: 512
oops, posted twice, sorry!
Bumpalicious Posts: 512
Notlongtogo, I'm so sorry to hear you are still struggling. I was in the same boat so you have my sympathies. Don't mind the girl at work, there are absolutely no rules for this at all, everyone is different. I thought I would have it throughout, but for me it stopped at 17 weeks. I now haven't thrown up in a month, which I never thought i'd be able to say. I actually gave up my job entirely I was so bad. Found a new job then when I felt better. I know it's hard to believe but one day it will stop. the problem is that nobody can tell when that day will come. There are drugs that they can prescribe but they will only do this if you are actually throwing up a lot and dehydrating yourself. So sorry for you hun, I know it's just awful.
marla Posts: 191
You poor thing! I read somewhere that sucking on lemons worked and I was so desperate I tried it and found it gave me some relief, even drinking a glass of water with LOADS of lemon slices in it helped me some. Hope you get over it soon.
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
You poor thing. Just keeping thinking though your near the end of it. I am not however. Felt terrible all weekend. I can't keep my breakfast down for love or money. Some days I wake up feeling ok, then I eat and feel sick for 10mins till I vomit. Then I have relief for 30mins or so and start feeling sick again. Partly due to hunger me thinks as nothing in my tummy. Struggling to eat. Smells are making me feel ill. Just thinking about food turn my stomach. Anytime I eat I just throw it up. I find soda water is a small relief. Try hang in there. I am sure it will come to an end soon for you.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Thanks for the replies girls. Im hoping and praying it goes soon. Its very hard to keep your spirits up when you feel constantly nauseous. Its the horrible taste and feeling coming up your throat all the time that i hate most. I will try the water and lemon thing, ill try anything.!! LMS i think it must be worse going through it a second time cos you know what to expect, but im sure your delighted aswell. Hope everything goes well for you.
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Hi NLTG, sorry to hear you're feeling so crap hon. It's a nightmare. I would def encourage you to work less if that's an option. My sickness is really starting to ease off recently (thank God!), but I find the more well rested I am, the better I feel. Don't know if anyone else feels like this? And don't mind people telling you that you'll be sick for the whole thing >:o( Everyone is different. You'll be fine :xxx
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Thanks SM, glad to hear yours is easing. Mine did for a while and came back but when i came into work this morning everyone seems to see a bunp now and i thought i had gotten bigger so maybe the baby went through a growth spurt and thats why i felt so bad. If its not gone after Aug bank holiday (ill be 17.5 weeks) i might sit down with my boss and see about working a 4 day week. Im the same the more rest i get the better i feel and at the moment im up at 6.45am and home from work at 7pm. I know i was a lot worse when i was commuting but the day still feel vey long for me especially as i start to feel sick at about 11am.
newyearbabs Posts: 686
Fingers crossed your nearly finished I'm 17wks and I don't know if i'm just having a few good days as haven't been sick since thursday! I've been the same as you sick all day, headaces & nose bleds. But I do feel loads better since thursday. Still very mild headaces but nothing compared to what they were. Hopefully you'll feel better in next few days