Morning sickness gone away

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JJ100 Posts: 43
Hi everyone, just wanted to hear if anyone else has had the same thing happen to them. I am 8 weeks pregnant and have had terrible morning sickness since the 5th week. But for the last 2 days, all of the nausea and vomiting has just completely disappeared and this morning my boobs don't even feel sore. Anyone else experience this? Is it normal? We had a scan last week and everything was ok but now i'm panicking and have myself in a right state.
Nextinline Posts: 121
Yeah I've definitely experienced this. In both of my pregnancies symptoms come and go. Enjoy feeling normal for a while x
JJ100 Posts: 43
Thanks nextinline and thanks to those that PMd me. I wish I had of taken your advise and enjoyed the couple of days symptom free because as of lunchtime yesterday, the nausea is back with a vengeance. I can't keep anything down and was awake most of the night feeling awful. If I manage to have another few days where I feel good over the next few weeks, I will definitely be taking advantage and not worrying like I did this time. Thanks again.
biscuit1978 Posts: 1
If you are concerned about reduced symptoms you can ask for an early scan just to check everything is as it should be. H
JJ100 Posts: 43
Thanks biscuit1978 but I think days of little or no symptoms are just part of the process based on all the feedback I've gotten including from a family friend who's a retired mid wife. I already had an early scan and all was good so I think I was just panicking as this is my first and not quite sure what to expect!! Have been sick again for the last couple of days so looking forward to whenever the symptoms ease up plan is to eat all around me whenever that does happens!!!