morning sickness in the middle of the night!!!

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babs76 Posts: 1000
I'm 12 weeks pregnant since last Wed and i was feeling fine for the past 3 weeks, i had morning sickness around weeks 6-8 but this passed off around week 9 and i was feeling a lot better - i had a scan at 9 weeks and everything was fine. Sunday night after dinner i felt really unwell and i was sick and just felt really uncomfortable all night and sort of quezy then again yesterday after dinner the same time again and i was sick again but i was literally sick 6 times throughout the night, i would be asleep and awake with a real urge to be sick i dont know what's going on - is this normal?? please someone tell me this is normal, I'm freaked out totally!! I have my 12 week scan tomorrow so can ask at that too i thought morning sickness passed at around the 12 weeks and then that was it any one else been through the same thing??
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
babs you poor thing. I never really got sick but I always had bad nausea & in the middle of the night I would often wake up with the nausea. It was horrible. I can only imagine how unsettling it must be to be vomitting in the middle of the night. I'm sure it's perfectly normal though & a sign of a good healthy pregnancy! Hope it subsides for you soon :wv
mrsb09 Posts: 1292
hey im the same though not actually puking but feel more sick at night time and its def worse at night time. especially when i lie flat i have to sit up or i would get sick. and im nearly 12 weeks and this is only getting worse...apparently its normal as i reading up on it in what to expect when your expecting...
babs76 Posts: 1000
Thanks for that Mrsb09 –If the same thing happens tonight I’m going to try sitting up in bed as the whole lying down thing definitely didn’t help the situation. I haven’t bought any book yet, I must get one – do you recommend “What to expect when you’re expecting”?
mrsb09 Posts: 1292
i got in the states about a month ago as i saw it mentioned here a few times, i only read it once a week or so . its good as it gives you week to week of whats going on and lots of frequently asked questions, that is where i saw about the sickness at night time. yep lying down flat makes me sick so i try to go sort of on my side, there is a pillow on the argos catologue, its where all the prams and buggys are and it looks like it will help you sleep, this was mentioned here too, its 24 euro im going to get this and kind of rest my tummy on this as this eases the sickness for me. hth and all of this eases soon.
little miss bumpy Posts: 79
I'm the same, I'm guaranteed to be up from 2-5 wretching and heaving- its rotten. Ive tried sleeping with a wedge, sleeping on back, sleeping sitting up and nothing works. I have tried to eat during the night thinking it may be hunger but that doesn't help either. My sickness is getting worse with each passing week.
babs76 Posts: 1000
That's awful "I love shoes" - God i've only had it one night so I'm not sure if the same thing will happen tonight If it doesnt then i dont really know what's going on - I presume its morning sickness (or should i say night sickness) but if i dont get it again tonight maybe it means i was just sick last night (but to be honest i really think it was to do with the pregnancy) I'm sick with nerves about the scan tomorrow (there's always something bothering me :-8 ) - just want everything to go Ok, fingers and toes crossed for me