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CamelliaKelly Posts: 207
Hi girls :wv hows everyone doing? im into my 7th week and ive been suffering from sickness since week 3. its everything from nausea to vomiting to passing out. i cant drive for long (which doesnt help with my job) the back pain has been horrifying also. i was told that this is a good sign. that my harmones are working overtime! YOUR NOT SERIOUS ARE YOU?!!!!!! harmones seem to be the only thing thats working for me at the moment.. oh to be back on my honeymoon again!!! :xox
Princess consuela Posts: 1480
Sorry to hear you are not feeling great, fingers crossed this will pass by the 12th week so not long to go - just keep telling yourself it will be SOOOO worth it in the end when you hold that little bundle of joy Hope you feel better soon
summer daisy Posts: 1336
Ah you poor pet, I remember it well. I was sick every single day of my honeymoon (the people in the apartment below thought I was a terrible alcoholic who couldn't hold my drink!) as I was only 6-8 weeks gone. I am sure you have tried everything (ginger, travel sickness bands, eating often, increasing the amount of carbs, drinking water) so all I can offer you is my sympathy. It will pass and you will feel okay soon I promise.. (for me it lifted at 14 weeks and I suffered terribly!). Oh and believe it or believe it not, you forget how bad it was (and when you see your baby you know it was all worth it!!) Hugs to you :xxx
Corks Posts: 355
Oh Kimy K, you poor thing. If it's any consolation I know exactly how you feel. I had terrible nausea/vomiting/weak and afint spells from week 6 until week 14/15ish. Like you I couldn't travel at all for work, not even on the train - there were a lot of campers unhappy with me - I had not told work until week 12 and they thought I was just being lazy I think!! Hello! Anyway I wouldn't wish what you have on anyone. But it does lift! I woke up one morning and it was gone!! Now I do get waves from time tio time but I've been old that will last until baby is born but it is only every few days and is not half of what i suffered! Eating really helped me, I found if got over full or over empty I was worse. So maybe try to keep nibbling??? Anyway just wanted to sympathise!!!! And what kept me going was this amazing little life inside of me!! I was so concerned around week 10 I went to GP for a cry and he looked for the foetal heartbeat and I heard it!! That made evry bit of nasuea and vomiting for the next couple of weeks worthwhile!!
*Muffin* Posts: 7243
Article in yesterdays Daily Mail said that research has found that women who suffer from Morning Sickness are less likely to develop Breast Cancer.
luigi Posts: 867
If you can get your hands on these some people swear by them ... c=jodoqpo8 It does go away for most people :action32 The old wives will say you're having a baby girl with that amount of sickness.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
I know exactly how you feel. I remember b4 i got pregnant reading on here about someone giving out about being sick all the time. I have to admit i did think - for Gods sake you should be grateful your pregnant, get over it. That was until i got it :-8 Im so happy im pregnant but the constant sickness is killing me. Its 24/7 nausea and i was never good with nausea anyway. I found ginger ale good for about 10 days now i cant touch it, crackers dont work for me. Unfortunatley the only thing that eases it a bit is eating a small bit every hour or so. Im doing this now and some people in work commented on it, so i said i have low blood sugar and need to eat small and often. Im praying for it to pass soon because it really does take over your life. I cant travel far cos i get car sick, every morning is a battle to decide what food i can bring to work that day and manage to eat. I normally love my food and now nothing appeals to me and i hate having to force feed myself. I hope it passes for you soon, its very difficult and even more so when people dont understand how crap you feel all day every day. ((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))
Bumpalicious Posts: 512
I'm so sorry to hear how bad you are feeling, but it will pass, take comfort in that. I know it's so hard at the moment and this is little consolation. I've been there. Just get through it as best you can, rest if you need to and try and keep fluids down. This is the most important thing. The baby will survive on very little food, so don't be worrying if you can't force feed yourself. The doctors in the hospital used to tell me that. Best of luck! N
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Travel sickness bracelets are supposed to really help!
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
I use my sea bands every day, they worked great for me for a week or so and now i dont find any difference - yet i still wear them!!!