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buffster Posts: 251
I was on a long bus journey recently and the nausea kicked in and I felt like I was going to throw up and stink the whole bus out! Thankfully I didn't but I thought I would put this question out there for fun; Anyone have any ridiculous/embarrassing stories about their experiences of morning sicknes??? :hic
McMummy Posts: 1041
Oh I could right a book on my first pregnancy especially when it came to public transport. There are still morning buses I would be ashamed to show my face on. Once I was with my DH on our way into work and I couldn't hold on any longer and had to get off early at a train station. I ran like a mad woman to the toilets with DH following behind. I had my hand up to my mouth trying to hold on when I discovered you had to pay into the toilets DH was a bit behind me and couldn't see why I wasn't going straight in. While I was rummaging around in my bag and still gagging this man in a fancy business suit came running over to me and put some money into the slot for me and with a smile said quick run. This was just as DH got to me and when I finally came out DH told me the guy had said his wife suffered terribly from morning sickness and he could spot it a mile away. Another evening I left work at 5.30 but had to get off the bus so many times to throw up I only got home by 9.30. I had to give up the bus after that and drive into work which cost me a fortune in parking but there wasn't much else I could do.
buffster Posts: 251
wow mcmummy that sounds pretty awful alright! What a lovely story about the man helping you though :o0
steen Posts: 1335
I had really terrible morning sickness - luckily I have parking and drive into work everyday. But I knew every bin in the Pheonix Park! I had ziplock bags in the car that I used to get sick into :o( Well just before Christmas when "Operation Freeflow" kicked in and they send all the young gardai up to stand at the junctions. I was driving down the quays and got it really bad had to pull into a bus stop - so there I am head down being violently sick into a bag when I get a knock on the window and see this shocked young garda staring at me :eek He then starts with the "you cant park here" and all the time I'm trying to look at him while being sick into the bag. I finally got to tell him I'm pregnant nothing I can do O:| God love him, I think he nearly died - didn't know what to do :o0 All of a sudden I was grand where I was, take my time and did I need any help :-8 I was so embarassed :-8 All I could think about was them all up in the Garda station at their break dying laugh at yer one puking into a plastic bag on the quays O:|