Morning Sickness

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GotPreggers Posts: 988
Ok, I have just started to suffer from this :hic , and have just remembered how awful it can be :o( Although I am not actually being sick I feel nauseous until after I have my brekkie. Just wondering if some of you are eating something before getting out of bed that helps?? Was thinking of having some crackers or something beside me for when I wake up, do you think or know that this helps??
mrs.smiffy Posts: 1747
I had a bottle of still water and some crisp bread next to my bed. I find it helped a lot - what also helped was going to bed early and trying to catch up with sleep. Well I still have my crisp bread next to my bed, even though my m/s is easing off now.. just in case... :-8
Hellothere2010 Posts: 2358
God I feel sick on and off already!! Need to keep food in belly all of the time
GotPreggers Posts: 988
Yeah I think it is when I am hungry that it happens, all throughout the day, not just in the morning >:o( The crackerbread sounds like a good idea, thanks Mrs Smiffy :wv
MrsK07 Posts: 454
Was doing well until today. Was thinking what I did different last nite. Had huge big dinner at 7 - soup, dinner and dessert. Didn't have my gingernut biscuit with cup of tea at 9. Didn't have a glass of soda water and lime about half and hour before I went to bed. Was doing this for the last few nights as i found it helped bring up any gas that was there. Will be going out to buy a bottle of soda water today for sure and I think smaller meals today as well. Oh please let it pass.